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Does the 7 years on your credit report start from the date of repossession or when you finally finish paying the balance?


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2015-07-15 21:23:25
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Did the lender get a JUDGEMENT? What state are you in? The 7 yr. part is a fed law that a JUDGEMENT must be removed from your CR 7 yrs. from the date of judgement. As part of (and BEFORE) the payoff, try to negotiate with the lender to remove the repo from your CR. Email me if you need more info. PS Congratulations on paying the car off. You are likely one in 100000 who do so. My compliments to you.

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You have to pay off the debt. The car itself will take car of part of that when the lienholder sells it at auction. You'll have to make up the difference between what it sold for and what you still owed (and you'll have to pay for the repossession expenses also). If by some miracle the car sold for more than the debt and the repossession expenses, then you should get a check back for the balance. However, how they'll handle this is almost certainly not by having you "finish payments". Call the lienholder and find out what they want you to do.

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