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Does the Internet have good answers?


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If you mean 'Does the internet have better answers than WikiAnswers?', then that question depends on what type of question you are talking about.

The Internet may have some better answers to questions than WikiAnswers, but I would highly recomend WikiAnswers because WikiAnswers is a Q & A site, (Questions and Answers) but the Internet is not.

So if your wondering about which one is better, the answer is WikiAnswers. Hope I answered your question!


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The Internet is the entire World Wide Web (www). A website and webpage exists on the Internet. Answers is a good website with great webpages.

there is via-email and instant answers to your questions.

The best internet browser in my opinion is Google Chrome. Yahoo answers is a really good place to look if you need to find opinions/answers to questions. It can find your answers fast.

Good Questions. Most people are unaware of the full potential of the internet i guess.

Research the questions over the internet, or just don't answer anything.

find answers and information quickly and help you get things done faster=)

No, you cannot download WikiAnswers' questions, categories, and answers from WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is solely on the internet, and cannot be downloaded. The WikiAnswers database will always remain on the internet, and for a good reason.

we search the Internet so we get accurate answers

yahoo answers is better than this

TAKE YOUR COMPTER TO A GOOD REPAIR FACCILITY This ia a good example of the type of stupid frustrating answers you find in the internet

there are no answers that you can find in the Internet

there are many reference sites the main site from which you can get answers are from google and yahoo! you can also try in wiki answers! have a good day!

By checking it with the internet or a book that tells you the answer :that's a way of checking your answers and it is a good way and it's my way trust me it's a good way to check your answers TRUST ME IT'S A GOOD WAY and it's MY WAY

it's blocked for a very good reason. you are in school to learn,NOT to play on the web! does not provide your internet. We provide the answers to your questions, which you access through your internet.

do got answers from the internet do it by your self and look in the book

Maybe. If you look on a good website, like a science or math help website, you're likely to get good answers and help. However, you might find a bad site that pretends to give you answers and they turn out to be wrong - lots of homework cheating websites are just wrong.

What is so good about the internet

No, People who are on the internet (Members of Wiki Answers, or Anonymous people who can answer your question).

Because you need to learn the subject not find the answers to the subject on the internet.

There are good answers, you just need to find them :)

The answers to the test 986040 are not given through the internet. Anyone needing the answers will need to read through the textbooks to locate what the answers are.

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yes. thats how i am on wiki answers

Because the internet was created by us, humans, and humans are not perfect.

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