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No, you cannot download WikiAnswers' questions, categories, and answers from WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is solely on the internet, and cannot be downloaded. The WikiAnswers database will always remain on the internet, and for a good reason.

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Q: Is the database of questions and their categories and answers available for download from WikiAnswers?
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How do you download

You cannot download WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is only available through the internet, and nothing more. You cannot download the Wikianswers database, either.

Why should you choose WikiAnswers?

wiki is a database full of great questions and answers so why not use it ;)!

Why do you love WikiAnswers so MUCH?

It is a great online database where users can ask and answer questions. Sharing your knowledge and gaining knowledge from others is the key ingredient in the cake of WikiAnswers!

Why does WikiAnswers change 'I' to 'you' in the questions?

WikiAnswers changes 'I' to 'you' in the questions because WikiAnswers prefers second person over first person questions. It is part of the WikiAnswers Style Rules. It also makes the whole database a lot less hard to manage. Since we merge together questions that are asking the same thing, changing I to you automatically prevents us from having hundreds of thousands of other "I" questions that we would have to merge together.

Why do these questions arrive so quickly here?

After you submit a question to WikiAnswers, it instantly is stored in a database and displayed to help you get your answer as soon as possible.

How can you download WikiAnswers database of QA?

You cannot download the WikiAnswers database. One reason for this is because WikiAnswers is solely an internet resource, and you must use the internet to access WikiAnswers. If you didn't have to use the internet for WikiAnswers, WikiAnswers would not exist.

Is WikiAnswers a conservative site?

Are you asking if the site if politically conservative? If so, then no. WikiAnswers is building a database of questions and answers made in a wiki format. It does not pledge loyalty to any political party or group.

Where do the answers go?

The answers remain in the WikiAnswers database on the URL of the question. The answer does not go anywhere except to the URL of the question and the WikiAnswers database.

What type of database does WikiAnswers use?


Major categories of functions available in Microsoft Excel?

The main categories of functions in Excel are: Text Date and Time Logical Database Information Math & Trig Lookup & Reference Statistical Financial

How can you look up an answer to a question without going through thousands of questions and answers?

First, WikiAnswers is divided into categories, so you can go to the category that the question might be in. Second, WikiAnswers has the words "Advanced Search" at the top of the pages. Click on that and do a search for your question or answer. You could also just type your question into the Ask box at the top of this page. If your question exists verbatim in our database, you will be shown the answer for it (provided it is an answered question already). If your question doesn't exist in that form in our database, you will be shown five similar questions that may be what you're asking about that may (or may not) have answers as of yet.

Will the questions ever end?

No. Questions will only end when human understanding of life and universe improves from mere 3% to 100%. This is impossible. More on this:Hopefully the questions will never end here at WikiAnswers. We are trying to build a question and answer database! Keep them coming!

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