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Service Engine Soon LightThe Service Engine Soon light and the Check Engine light are not the same! The Check Engine Lamp is an indication that a malfunction has occurred somewhere in your system's EVAP, MAP, MAF, PCM/ECU, TCM.... etc. Usually, these problems require that a service facility properly diagnose the problem... and then make appropriate repairs. The Service Engine Soon Lamp is different, but can sometimes be set by a surge or glitch in the Body Control Module (BCM) or the Transmission Control Module (TCM). It can even be set as a "ghost" code when other codes--such as a p0335/p0725 setting simultaneously --are present. However, this lamplight almost always (and only) illuminates when service-- such as routine transmission oil/filter and motor oil change-- is required. Therefore, the Service Engine Soon light is not to be worried about. However, there are techniques/sequences necessary to turn this light off... and those sequences vary as greatly as there are makes and models of cars. Sometimes it requires something as simple as depressing the odometer reset button for 10 seconds.

I hope this clarified the other misinformation which is currently published and posted on the net (regarding this subject).


Okay, pay attention please, you need to disregard that entire answer that obviously the person who wrote it made there own assesment, not according to the facts. Service engine soon is Nissan's and other manufacturers check engine light, yes they are the same. The light means your vehicle needs an engine diagnosis to pinpoint one or multiple problems. These codes appear because the emmissions, ignition and overall performance of the motor is compromised. The problem could be a run down sensor, vacuum leak or ignition(timing) problem. The code will get you looking at the right system on the vehicle but not always the exact problem. Good to pay engine Dio if unsure.

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Q: Does the Service Engine Soon light indicate major problems?
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