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Does the Tornado Fuel Saver increase your gas mileage If so how much?


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NO, no, no, save your money. These things simply do not work. Don't believe all the hype and all the testimonials as to how the Tornado is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Someone is probably going to come on here telling you that I am wrong and that they bought one and got 3,4, even 5 more mpg with the Tornado. They spent money for the product and they want it to work. So they make sure it does work by how they drive. In every single test by the EPA and every other independent test facility, these type products have been shown to not work. Look at it this way. The auto manufactures are struggling to achieve CAFE mileage standards. If this thing worked, they would install it at the factory in order to increase their cars mileage. They don't. What does that tell you?. how this person can say this without at least citing were to found the official results on such EPA and independent tests. ========================================================= I have to say I disagree with the above opinion as I have personally had great success when installed properly. Don't believe these can be installed wrong? Go to YouTube and find a tornado test done by a news reporter and watch him install it then say it does not work? Again if you are mechanically minded you will find his install leaves the device loose and too close to the throttle body.

For one: My results can not talked down as my driving habits have not changed, only my mpg.

Two: Regardless of the company, any company promoting a product that simply does nothing could in no way be picked up by the vendors which still carry the tornado nor would local governments use them which some still do. Sure there are suckers born everyday, but wouldn't a company run out of idiots after the many years they have been in service?

Bottom Line: It worked on a 4cyl and a V6 I own..........I doubt I am the only one it worked for.


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try installing a tornado from PEP Boys

There are some practical ways to increase the gas mileage but you can use also Fuel Infusion what is a powerful fuel catalyst. Fuel Catalyst realy helps to increase to boost your engine power and your gas mileage.

There is no fuel additive that will increase mileage. This is a myth. None of the snake oil additives work.

There are a few ways to increase gas mileage but the most effective is the use of fuel infusion. Fuel Infusion is a powerful fuel catalyst that improves the efficiency of the combustion process in your car's engine.

You can increase fuel mileage by installing a tuner or a bigger exhaust. I'm sure there are some other ways also if you look into it but these are two of the best ways.

It will increase performance but will decrease mileage, not increase it. More performance uses more fuel.

Your vehicle will not run if you bypass the computer. Nothing you can do to the computer will increase fuel mileage. Assuming the engine in your vehicle is running properly, keep your tire pressure as outlined in your owners manual, carry as little weight in the vehicle as possible, take off slowly and drive the speed limit. Other than doing this there's nothing you can do to increase fuel mileage.

Fuel additives are used to improve an automobile's environmental performance and increase its mileage. Some homemade fuel additives are ethanol and a mixture of acetone, xylene and cycle oil.

I do between 13KM and 15KM/ Litre City driving. 17 KM/L Highway 110km/hr speed. This car is fuel saver!

Two good parts for a 1998 Dodge 1500 with a 5.9 liter engine that increase power and mileage are high performance air and fuel filters.

A dual exhaust system & or headers will increase fuel mileage but only slightly. Not enough to recoup the expense of the systems.

sometimes but not all the time

The Simple answer: Radial Tires Roll down the road easier. How and Why is quite complicated

You could try a fuel catalyst. They're different than fuel additives because they actually help your engine burn fuel more efficiently. The one I use is Fuel Infusion - and I see about a 10-15% increase in MPG. Others have reported larger gains. Anyway, besides good car maintenance, a fuel catalyst is a cheap way to increase your gas mileage. Good Luck!

Yes it will. Not a huge difference, but if you put a nice dual exhaust system behind them, including a balance pipe, you will increase your horsepower and your mileage. You might expect to see 1-2 mpg.

The H3 gets the best fuel mileage. Everything but the body is a Chevy Trailblazer.

They are about the same in fuel mileage but the 6.0 is thirsty.

headers ,, k&n filter to start and a free flow muffler

Depends on the fuel system. On non-injected models, installing smaller jets and more restrictive exhaust and breather system will increase mileage. On injected models the computer has to re-mapped. It greatly depends on what, if any, modifications are installed on the engine.

Don't waste your money. None of these devices work. If they did, Honda would install them at the factory. Do not believe the hype or testimonials. They simply are a waste of money and do nothing to improve mileage.

Gradual lack of power Fuel mileage drops Mileage/age of vehicle Gradual lack of power Fuel mileage drops Mileage/age of vehicle

There are show great things you can use. One of them is to use Fuel Infusion. It helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently. Most cars burn their fuel at 93-97% efficiency.

yes, but they require that you only run Premium fuel. The savings on mileage is offset by the extra cost of the fuel, and its not worth it.

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