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Greenhouse gases are said to be the #1 cause of global warming. If so, then the US should take part in helping to curb these carbon emissions.

A:Yes, The U.S. and China need to help stop climate change and global warming. The U.S. and China are already the largest carbon dioxide polluters in the world so something needs to be done. A:The US is the second highest emitter of carbon dioxide (see list of countries by carbon dioxide emissions) and indirectly the highest emitter through the imports of consumables. The US could therefore make a particularly large contribution, since it also has the highest per capita carbon emissions of any large country (see list of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita) and the technological expertise to find solutions. A:If climate change is real, then the United States as the second largest contributor to that change ought to take a leading role in fixing the problem. And whether or not climate change is real should be established by research, not uninformed opinion. Many climate experts still have varying opinions on what is causing global warming, including the possibility that it is primarily a natural event. Until we understand what the parameters are that are causing the known issue of global warming, it would be irresponsible for any country to base future decisions on the issue. A:Whether the US needs to take an active role in stopping global warming is a matter of classic risk management, a discipline which all kinds of enterprises undertake in managing situations that could pose unacceptable risks. The first step is to ask what is the probability that global warming is the result of human activity, what is the probability of harm resulting from global warming and how serious is the potential harm that could result.

We do not have to be absolutely certain that global warming is the result of human activity, and we do not have to be absolutely certain that harm will result. But if both probabilities are high, then action must be taken even if the potential harm is only moderate, as this means that harm will probably occur unless action is taken. Even if both probabilities are quite low but the potential harm is very serious, then action must be taken by all nations involved, as this means that serious and possibly even catastrophic harm is possible unless action is taken. That is how risk management works.

The answers to the three questions posed in this risk analysis are as follows. The great majority of climate scientists, experts in this field, are almost certain that global warming is the result of human activity. They project serious economic and environmental harm to result from continuation of the present trend of rising average global temperatures. Since this involves an issue of Economics, not merely ecological issues such as the survival of species, economists are required to provide input into the answer on the seriousness of the potential outcome. Based on information and analysis by climate scientists, they anticipate serious economic disruption, which will include relocation of entire populations.

Based on the best available advice, the earth faces a crisis and it is too late to wait in hope until the damage bills start coming in. As the second-highest emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States has a responsibility, not only to itself but also to all other nations, to take an active role in stopping global warming.

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What countries does global warming affect?

Global Warming mainly affects coastal countries. Global warming affects everyone All countries. You need to go back and review the meaning of "global".

Are there natural phenomenons that produce global warming?

Yes, there are natural phenomenons that produce global warning but most of them are very slow processes that they can't be noticed. Volcanic eruptions is one of such phenomenons, but to increase global warming at present rate with volcanic eruptions, earth need more active volcanoes.

Does global warming need to be capitalized in a written report?

No, it does not.

How has global warming affected pandas?

Global warming it self as not as tress need CO2, but the fact that wood is need to burn is a large part of endangering pandas. (habitat distruction)

Why we need to stop pollushon?

to stop global warming dur!

Why do you need to reduce global warming?

You need to reduce global warming because if you don't, the planet will slowly heat up, not only making the weather unpredictable, but gradually killing the planet.

What is the relationship between global warming and alternative sources of energy such as solar energy?

well soler energy is energy from the sun and global warming is the warming of the globe and you need the sun for

What is the chances of people surviving global warming?

The chances of people surviving global warming are a 50-50 chance. If we do survive we will need special breathing masks

How could you reduse global warming?

well in order to reduse global warming we need to stop these illegal logging burning some plastic and stop these factories

How do more efficient electrical appliances help slow global warming?

They, in themselves, do not slow global warming. What optimistically happens is that since they are more efficient, then the need for producing more electrical energy is reduced, and that is what may slow down global warming.

Why do we need wind power?

We need wind power in our lives because it reduces global warming.

Is global warming affecting other planets?

The simple answer is "No". For a more in depth answer the question would need to be clarified. Is the question "Does Global warming on Earth affect the climate of Mars?" or "Do other planets also experience global warming?" To "does Global warming on Earth affect the climate of Mars?" the answer is a very simple No. As far as anyone is aware there is no way that our climate can affect the climate of Mars. The answer to "Do other planets also experience global warming?" on the other hand is almost certainly a yes due to the number of planets in the universe but the warming is unlikely to be due to the same reasons as Global warming on Earth.

Is Alabama border of Atlantic ocean?

No yet, we need more global warming.

Why do we need to follow the 3 R's of water conservation?

To prevent Global Warming..........

Is the decline of honey bees a greater problem than global warming?

It's a serious problem. We need honey bees to pollinate our crops. I don't think it's as important as global warming but we need to find the answer to that too.

Do we need global warming?

No, we don't. The earth has had an atmosphere conducive to human and animal life for millions of years. Global Warming is threatening to put an end to all life on earth if it is not stopped.

What do you think is the biggest contributor to global warming What do you think can be done correct this?

The biggest contributor to global warming is burning fossil fuels.To correct this we need to stop, and move to renewable energy.

Do all people believe in global warming?

no. and that is the problem. There are kinds of people: People who don't understand and people who don't WANT to understand. People who don't want to understand can make up lies, like Global Warming is a theory. They can also fight with climate scientists . There is a point in humanity that we are in right now. we need to stop global warming, we are now in the point where we can't undo global warming, only stop it from getting worse. We need to.

What could be used to test global warming?

There is no need to test Global Warming, it has already been proved. We have seen the effects of it from the flooding in several areas, and, most notably, the recent cyclone in Burma, which scientists are linking up to Global Warming, the rising sea levels causing the storm.

Why do people study global warming?

Scientists study global warming because the need to know its causes and likely consequences. They also need to find ways of avoiding further global warming so that they can recommend appropriate action.Other people choose to study global warming because they want to understand the issues and make an informed decision to help minimize our greenhouse gas emissions.A:You need to study global warming because it is probably the most serious challenge facing the world at this time. If we understand it, then we can see what has to be done to deal with it. A:Global warming has been affecting climate change since the 1800s, and the CO2 levels are increasing each year because of human activity. Ice caps are already melting, ocean levels are rising, droughts are happening in some parts, more deserts are forming. This is all because of global warming, and we need to care about this, and to know what we can do about it.

Why is global warming not a problem you need to worry about?

Those of us who are past childhood and early adulthood probably have less to fear from the consequences of global warming and can focus on the short-term economic advantages of doing nothing. For us, global warming is not a problem we need to worry much about unless we are concerned to leave the world as a good place for our children and grandchildren to live in.

How is global warming affecting the geosphere?

ice has shiny surface .it reflects sunlight so it prevents earth from global warming as it melts due to global warming sunlight is not reflected and more global warming occurs . ice turns into water which absorbs sunlight and it is in contact with ice and ant make it melt so polar ice is melting very fastly in cycle . polar animals need this ice to survive so they are going to extinct. global warming also make air hot ^ Just editing to say that this is the Cryosphere not the Geosphere! I too need help with the geosphere!

Will cutting down old trees and replacing them with new trees help lower global warming?

no because global warming has to do with pollution not trees pollutions like cars trucks factory's all the stuff running on fossil fuel that's what we need to cut down in order to help lower global warming

How to write a conclusion paragraph?

I need a paragraph on world or global warming. shut up about jb

Why do you need aware of polar bears?

Polar bears need floating ice to use as platforms from which to hunt for seals, and as a result, global warming affects them more directly than many other species. They are a kind of early warning system for global warming.

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