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Earth's atmosphere?


0.0000055 %

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Q: Does the atmosphere contain hydrogen gas?
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Does the earth contain hydrogen?

The only pure hydrogen is found in the atmosphere as H2. Under the ground are many compounds containing hydrogen such as methane gas and water.

Does hairspray contain hydrogen and helium?

The propellant used in hair spay does not contain hydrogen gas or helium gas. Hairspray contains compounds that contain covalently bonded hydrogen.

Is hydrogen the second most abundant gas in the atmosphere?

Hydrogen is very scarce in the atmosphere: 0,oooo55 %.

What gas did the Hindenburg contain?


Is hydrogen gas organic?

No.. Hydrogen is not organic as it does not contain carbon.

What is the most abundant gas in seawater as well as in the atmosphere?

This gas is hydrogen.

The atmosphere of the gas giants is made of hydrogen and?

mainly composed of hydrogen and helium

How many atoms of hydrogen does a molecule of hydrogen gas contain?


What is the most active gas in the atmosphere only?


What type of gas is found atmosphere?

hydrogen and helium

What is the abundant gas of the earths atmosphere?

the most abundant gas of the atmosphere is nitrogen with high percentage 78.09

What is the chemical makeup of the atmosphere in Uranus?

The atmosphere of Uranus contain hydrogen, helium, methane, etc.