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Snakes, including cobras, molt as they grow, so yes they do.

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How often does a King Cobra shed its skin?

Making purses with king cobra leather would be wonderful.

Why does a king cobra shed their skin?

As the snake grows its skin can not grow with it so it sheds its skin periodically (as do all snakes).

How does a king cobra keep from drying out?

A king cobra keeps from drying out by shedding its skin. King cobra shed their skins 4-6 times per year for adults, and every month for juveniles.

Do frogs shed their skin?

They shed their skin then they eat it

Do angelfish shed their skin?

No. Angelfish do not shed their skin

Do ladybird shed their skin?

ladybugs do shed their skin

Why do bearded dragons shed skin?

They shed their skin to grow

Do rat snakes shed?

They regularly shed their skin its quite irreagular for them to shed skin though..

Do spiders shed their skin?

yes spiders shed their skin when they grow

How do frogs shed their skin?

frogs shed their skin by keeping it warm

Why do bearded dragons shed their skin?

beardies shed their skin because their skin doesnt grow with them...its like a snake. their skin becomes tight as they grow larger so therefore their skin will shed!.

Do the corn skin shed their skin?

Corn Snakes? Yes, all snakes shed their old skin.

Do frogs shed?

Yes they do shed there skin

Do elephants shed?

No, elephants do not shed their skin

Why do animals shed their skin?

Animals shed their skin because a nasty slime mold grows inside of their skin which is itchy and makes them sweat. so they do not want to do that so they shed their skin.

How and why do earthworms shed their skin?

Earthworms do not shed their skin. Earthworms are not snakes and their skin actually grows as they grow larger. Earthworms do shed bits of waste material.

Do ells shed there skin like snakes?

No, eels do not shed their skin like a snake

Do snakes die when they shed their skin?

No, they shed their skin as they grow... ..That would be depressing if they did...XD

Does a rattlesnake shed its skin?

All snakes, including rattlesnakes, shed their skin.

When does the garter snake shed its skin?

When it needs to. Snakes shed their skin in order to grow.

How many times will an anole shed their skin?

anoles will shed their skin about once or twice

Why do geckos shed?

Geckos shed old skin because it get old and dry and so they can grow bigger, we shed our skin to it takes a whole year to shed the whole of it but we do shed too :)

Why do blue tongue lizards shed their skin?

blue tongue lizards shed their skin because their scales don't grow so as they grow if they didn't shed skin their skin would just tear.

Why do lizards shed their skin?

Lizards shed their skin to allow for growth, as well as to remove parasites along with their old skin.

Does a caterpiller shed its skin as it grows?

Yes, because when it grow larger it skin is to small for it. So the caterpillar shed it skin.

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