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A darker pool liner will absorb more energy from the sun and release it into the water, making it slightly warmer. Lighter colors won't have that effect. The warming isn't really significant enough though to justify getting an ugly liner because it's dark, using a solar cover will be more effective. Keeping the solar cover on overnight will help the water retain heat as well.

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Q: Does the color of a pool affect the temperature?
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Does paint color affect the temperature of a pool?

Yes, it does.

Does the surface color of a pool affect the heat?

Yes, the surface color of a pool will affect the water temperature to a small degree. More important to water temperature is your geographic location, the season, existing water temperature, minimum and maximum daily air temperature, number of hours of sun the pool gets each day, cloud cover, wind speed, and the number of hours and times of day that you use a pool cover. Hope this helps ...

What affect does color have on temperature?

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Yes,ower body can effect the water in a pool

How does sunlight affect the temperature of pool water?

Sunlight warms pool water

How does the color red affect temperature?

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How does a color of a fabric affect its temperature?

If the fabric color is dark then it absorb heat from the sun and the fabric's temperature will rise.

Does temperature affect chlorine in a swimming pool?

the higher the temp the quicker the chlorine loss

Does temperature affect the drying time and color of paint?

no it is not true

What is the best product to paint an outdoor concrete swimming pool in Ontario?

Suggest a darker color, which will help the pool keep a warmer temperature.

What is temperature for Olympic pool?

what is the temperature for olympic pool

Does the color of your shirt affect your body temperature?

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What seasonal and daily changes affect rock pool habitat?

Seasonal changes such as the temperature affect the temperature of the water in the rock pool. This means, if it is summer it will be hotter so the water will be hotter however, in the winter it will be colder so the water will be colder. Also, daily changes include the depth of the rock pool. It will alter depending whether the tide is in or out.

How does the temperature effect the color of a cup of water in a white cup?

Temperature does not affect the colour of water. It just affects its state.

Does the color of water effect its evaporation in a pool?

The color of water does affect the evaporation rate because the red water is more dense then regular clear water.

Is there a minimum temperature for an indoor swimming pool?

The temperature of a pool is not regulated anywhere that I know of.

Will a dark painted pool retain more heat than a light colored one and cause the water temperature to be higher?

A pool painted in a dark color will ABSORB more heat than a pool with a light colored paint. Thus, the water temperature will be slightly higher. However, the paint color is a secondary factor in determining the ultimate water temperature. Factors such as air temperature, ground temperature, and solar intensity will affect the water temperature more than the paint color. Other secondary factors include wind speed and humidity (which affects the evaporation rate). Thus, it is very difficult to predict how much higher the water temperature would be for a dark colored pool as compared to a light colored pool due to the many variables involved. If I had to guess, I would say that you might get an average boost of something like 1-3 deg F with a dark painted pool - possibly a little more than that in the middle of the summer. In regards to RETAINING the heat that was absorbed, the color of the pool is nearly irrelevant. The most important factor in this case is the difference between the air and water temperatures - the greater the difference, the more heat will dissipate into the air. The best way to RETAIN heat in your pool is to use a solar blanket to keep the heat that is already there from transferring (radiating) into the air. Especially at night when the air/water temperature difference is greatest. Hope this helps ...

How does water affect the temperature of the earth?

The color of the water is dark, therefore, it absorbs the sun's rays.

How do different color liners affect blueness of pool water?

The pool water draws its color from the liner. If you buy a white liner, then the pool water will not be blue. If you use a light blue liner, then the pool will be light blue. In my opinion, the best liner is a darker blue liner with ripples on it. Your pool will look gorgeous and inviting and the ripple effect makes it difficult to see any dirt in your pool. A solid color liner lets you see everything, which isn't always pretty.

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What is the temperature of the Olympic pool?

The temperature of an olympic pool is kept at 25-28C (77-82F)