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no he doesn't have the right because he isn't contributing to the child's life

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Q: Does the custodial parent of a child have the right to not let the father see the child if he is not paying child support or taking care of the child?
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Can a father paying child support pay the child support to the child that moved out?

Depending on your state, child support is normally paid to a custodial parent. If there is no custodial parent, other laws may apply. Check your local laws.

What if a non-custodial parent is paying child support to a custodial parent for a child who does not even live with the custodial parent?

Contact your child support office or court that issued the child support order and request a modification of the child support order.

How do you terminate child support if you are a non custodial parent?

You don't. Child support is by definition, the non-custodial parent paying to help cover the child-rearing expenses incurred by the custodial parent. Support payments are set by the court and the court would have to stop it. If the mother remarries and the new father adopts the child with your permission, then the child support stops.

Does a non custodial parent get out of paying child support if on maternity leave?


Can a mother deny visitation if the father is paying child support?

Whether or not a parent is paying child support is irrelevant when the issue is visitation rights. If there is a court order for visitation the primary custodial parent must allow it or be found in contempt of court. If there is not a court order in place the custodial parent can make the decision to when, where or if visitation is allowed. Visitation guidelines are usually established during the custodial proceedings.

Will a judge take custody away from the custodial parent if they can not financially support their child?

No, that alone is not a reason to terminate custody. The non-custodial parent should be paying child support.

When a custodial parent dies is child support from a non custodial parent still due?

Of course. Unless the non-custodial parent takes sole custody, the non-custodial parent is still responsible for paying child support to whomever the child goes to. There is no reason the death of a parent should terminate the other parent's child support obligation.

Does a father have to pay if the mother has full custody?

Yes, of course. That is the purpose of paying child support: to help the custodial parent pay the costs associated with raising the child. Both parents are responsible for supporting a child and the non-custodial parent must support the child financially.

If custodial parent in Pennsylvania remarries can their new spouse's income be included for child support?

The income of a spouse of a custodial parent, can be used in determing a portion of the child support. Because the spouse of a custodial parent is most likely contributing to the expense of the house, utilities and such, the non custodial parent may be intitled to a reduction in support.. this is usually a case that has to be heard by a judge. the income of a non custodial spouse can not be used as they are not contributing to the expenses of the home the children live in. If you think about it, this makes sense. a non custodial parent is paying their share based on the over all expense of the custodial parents home and income.. if the custodial parent is not paying for a portion of those expenses, then an non custodial parent should not have to pay them either.

Does the non-custodial parent need to have insurance on the child when paying child support in Texas?

Yes, if it is so ordered in the child support agreement. If the parent loses their insurance and the custodial parent has the ability to insure the child - it will be possible for the state to order the custodial parent to do so. This may change the amount of support the non custodial parent pays - it is entirely up to the whim of the courts.

Does the custodial parent of a child have the right to not let the father see the child if he is paying child support?

No, simple as that and a judge would very much disapprove of this practice.

Does a father need to pay child support to the mother if the child does not live with her?

A parent must obey the child support order. A custodial parent may be serving in the military with the child under temporary guardianship. That is no reason to stop paying child support. If the child isn't living with the custodial parent who is receiving child support the matter must be brought before the court.

Does the non custodial parent have visitation rights if he is not paying court ordered child support?


Are father and stepmom responsible for child support?

The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.The biological parent is legally responsible for paying child support. A step parent is not legally responsible for paying child support.

How do you remove your baby's father from paying child support?

The custodial parent can relinquish rights to child support payments by simply having such a statement notarized. This is not possible if there is a court order of child support in place. The custodial parent will need to file a petition in the court that issued the support order, the petition may or may not be granted depending upon the circumstances of the case. Furthermore, a custodial parent who voluntarily relinquishes the right to receive child support is not eligible for public aid.

If non custodial parent quits their job to get a lower paying job does child support go down?

Yes, the non custodial parent will have to file for a change in the child support for it to be lowered. The new child support will be based on the new income.

What if parent paying child support earns less than parent receiving support?

This is dependent on the custody arrangments, but even sole custodial fathers are often ordered to pay. More of then pay than the total number of non-custodial mothers paying, with out without orders.

Does the non-custodial parent have to see the child when paying child support?

of course, you deadbeat! The law only requires you to pay the child support,you are not required by law to see the child or even the custodial is a choice not a requirement..

Do i have to tell the non-custodial parent that i am moving out of state with our child if he isn't paying child support?

In Most states child support is separate from custody. Even if the non custodial parent is not paying child support he / she can request to visitation. because the parent is in arears does not hinder him / her the right to visit the child. both visitation and support are doen separately. Uunless there was a divorce that stipulates the arangement.

If a 21 year old full time student lives on their own is the custodial parent entitled to child support?

If the support order included a provision continuing support while the child was enrolled in college it does not matter where the child is living, as the support is to reimburse the custodial parent for the non custodial parents share of the child's expenses. If the child is attending school the custodial parent is likely still paying expenses for that child regardless of where they are living

What should the Non custodial father do if the kids have been with him for years living in my house and now the mother tries to get support when they move with her?

In such a case, the non-custodial father should prepare to begin paying child support.

Does child support stay in the state of the paying parent?

It will be forwarded to the custodial parent after the State'(s') share, if any, is kept as reimbursement for assistance provided.

Is it illegal to make the custodial parent pay child support?

It's rare for the custodial parent to have to pay child support, but it does happen. It usually only occurs in one of three situations: 1. The custodial parent makes significantly more than the non-custodial parent. 2. Parenting time is split 50/50 (or close to it). Or 3. The non-custodial parent is paying additional expenses for the child, such as high health-care premiums or child care costs. Your state may have other exceptions to the rule, but yes, exceptions do exist and the custodial parent is sometimes required to pay child support to the non-custodial parent.

If you owe back child support and your child turns 18 who will get the money the child or the custodial parent?

The custodial parent who has had the burden of bringing up the child without the support you were meant to pay will get the funds. However if the sate has been subsidizing your child and the custodial parent when this would not have been necessary if you had payed the support you should have been paying, then the sate (taxpayer) will get the payments it is owed first.

If a father is not paying child support does he still have rights?

In general, visitation and child support are separate matters. However, if you aren't paying support, you might reasonably expect some resistance from the custodial parent about visitation! But of the two, denying a child a father is far more damaging and costly to the child and society in general. see link below