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No, he has the same rights as single fathers, none until granted them.

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Q: Does the father in a custody case have a better chance if he is married and the mother is not?
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Can a married father win custody of a child The mother is deceased and child currently living with grandmother?

Custody issues are decided by the courts on the basis of the best interest of the child in question. If the child is likely to be cared for better by the father than by the grandmother, then yes, the father would have a good chance of winning custody.

I am a single mother i want to know if my daughter's father has the right to file for legal custody?

Yes, every father has that right, whether he is successful is another matter. If you were married he would have a better chance but he can still apply.

Who has better chance of child custody - mother or dad?

Mother usually, unless she is proven unfit, or the father is proven the better parent.

Can a father get custody of his child if he is not married?


When a child is born does the father automaticaly have joint custody?

Married or not. If not married, No. If married, father is assumed by law to be the father of the baby.

Your mother has full custody. Would your father have to consent for you to get married?

No. If your mother has sole legal custody she can consent to your getting married.

Can a brother get custody of minor child if father dies and mom was found unfit the father had custody already?

Assuming you are an adult, yes you have a chance.

What rights does a mother have if custody hasn't been established?

If you are not married the custody automatically falls on the mother and the father have to go to court to get visitation or custody. If you are married you have equal rights.

Can a mother keep a child away from the father if they are still married?

No, if they are married they have equal custody.

Will the mother have a better chance to win full custody when the father has been in jail his enitre life?

My, what a sad story! yes the mother would more likely be in full custody of the children or child

Can a handicapped mother sign custody over to a live in boyfriend when the father of the child wants custody?

No. The biological father have rights. Unless the court find him unfit to have custody then there might be a chance.

If you were never married to your child's father and you have sole legal and physical custody who gets custody if you die?

The childs' father, married or not. Your relationship to the father is irrelevent. The father is the first on a long list of family members. Create a living will if that is not acceptable.

Who has the custody of a child if the parents aren't married in Michigan?

The mother. The father have to apply for visitation and custody in court.

Does the birth mother have automatic custody if she and father are married?

No, although most courts favor custody to the mother.

What rights does a father have in custody of child?

If the parents are married they have equal rights. If not married, the mother in general have sole custody in most states until the father have established his paternity. When he has done that by DNA test he can petition for custody and visitation in court.

Can a father file for joint custody of his child if he is not married in ma?

Yes he can.

Who has custody if the father of your child and you never were married?

Generally in the United States an unmarried mother has sole custody until the father has established his paternity legally.

What rights to custody does a noncustodial parent have when there is no custody agreement?

Single father has none. Married father is equal to that of the mother, but in application, unenforceable. see links

Who has custody of a child if the parent have never married in the state of massachussetTS?

The mother. The father have to petition the court for shared custody.

Who gets custody of a child born in prison in AZ mother is in prison father is not they are married.?

If they are legally married, the father gets rights until mother gets out of prison, after that it is up to the state. If not legally married, they go into state custody.

What are the chances a father will get full custody when mother is a drug addict?

a very big chance

Can a woman who was never married have custody of her child?

Does she not have custody and seeks to gain it? Or does she want to ensure ongoing custody of a child in her care? Generally speaking, a birth mother has the better chance of achieving or retaining custody than the father, but various factors will be taken into consideration if the courts are involved. Also under consideration will be the suitability of either parent to have or obtain custody. Ultimately the courts should consider the welfare and comfort of the child, and so should the parents.

Can the father get full custody of the child if she and the father are married?

Married couples have equal parental rights unless there is a legal separation filed with the court.

The Child's mother dies grandma want custody of the child over the father who was married to the mother at the time of death but DNA says the father is not the biologicial father?

He can still gain custody as the presumptive father.

Can a father take their child away from its teen mother?

If not married the custody belong to the mother automatically and the father have to go to court to get visitation rights or custody. If the mother can not take care fo the child and neglects it, the father can alsoi get custody.