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Look to the instrument that created the interests. If the instrument is silent on this point, in most cases, the decedent's wife is obligated since her name is on the mortgage. Option: If this is not desired, someone else (life estate tenant or remainderman) may refinance and pay off first mortgage.

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Q: Does the life estate person or the remainder men in a life estate pay for the mortgage that is on home deed only in person who died name but mtg is in both person who died and his wifes name?
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Is it possible to remove your wifes name of a mortgage?

You would need to pay off that mortgage and refinance in your sole name.

The mortgage is in your wifes name can the IRS take it?

What's more important is who the real estate is deeded to. If you are neither on the mortgage nor the deed, then the IRS would have a tough time taking it. An exception to this is if you live in a community property state, in which case you would automatically own half of the house regardless. Also, I am assuming that your wife is not liable for the taxes.

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