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Does the moon spin around?

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Yes it does but at the same rate that the Earth spins. Therefore we on Earth always see the same face of it.

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How many time does the earth spin around the moon in a month?

The Earth does not spin around the moon. The moon spins around the earth.

How many days does it take for the moon to spin around?

It takes one month for the moon to spin on it's axis.

Does the earth spin around the sun or moon?

The moon spins around Earth. The Earth spins around the sun.

How long does it take for the moon to spin around itself?

The moon takes exactly 1 month to spin on its axis, thus the same side of the moon is always facing Earth.

Does the moon spin on an axis?

No. the moon does not spin on an axis.

Does the sun and moon spin around the earth?

No, the Earth and the Moon revolve together around the Sun. (The Moon orbits the Earth and both orbit the Sun together.)

How many days does the moon take to spin around it self?

27.32 days

How many days does the moon take to spin around its axis?

29 days

The moon rotates around the earth but does not spin. why?

If the moon did not 'spin', then in the course of a month (one revolution around the earth) we would seeall of it ... when it's east of us we could see its west side, and when it's west of us we could see its eastside. That doesn't happen; we always see the same 'face' of the moon. In order for that to happen, themoon has to 'spin' at exactly the same rate as it revolves around the earth ... exactly one spin to oneorbital revolution.

How does it spin on the axis?

the moon takes 25 days to go all around the earth and on its spin axis it take about 48 hours (3 days). The Moon takes about 24 hours to go all the way around. And as for the spin axis it takes about 48 hours (3 days).

What way is a moon similar to a planet?

It spins around the earth on an axis like how the planets spin around the sun.

Do the sun or moon spin?

Yes. (They both spin.)

Does the moon spin as the orbits?

No it doesn't spin as it orbits the Earth, which is why we have the phrase 'on the dark side of the moon.'

Why does the appearance of moon change in the course of a fortnight?

We see the moon differently at different times because it moves around us, and we spin around. We are looking at it from different angles

Does it take 28 days for the moon to spin around the earth?

NO. It takes 29HOURS and 30 MIN

How long does the moon take to spin once around the sun?

like 1 year probs

What is the difference between rotation and revolution for the moon?

Same to that of the Earth. A rotation is a spin of the Earth on its axis, where a revolution is a revolution around the Sun.ANSWER: or not...This is and has been a debate as to whether the moon has a rotation. Since the moon has the same surface facing the earth at all times, it has no actual spin of its own on its axis. But in the process of revolving around the Earth, some suggest that it does have a spin to it, equal to the rotation of the Earth and why we only see one side of the moon. Confused yet? Try this for a visual. Take a bucket and tie a string to the handle. Spin it once in the air and then let it stop. Did the string wrap around the diameter of the bucket? No. Therefore no spin or rotation on its own. It did one revolution around your hand, just as the moon does around the Earth, but had no rotation of its own. See the related links for more information.

Why do you always see the same hemisphere of the moon?

Because the moon doesn't spin on its axis's [doesn't have one] it is just a satellite around earth.

How long does it take to moon and earth to spin?

it takes the earth only one day to turn around but to turn around in every direction then it takes a year. the moon is about the same

What does the moon spin on?

Its axis.

Does the earth spin around the moon once a day?

No, The earth and moon revolve around their common center of gravity, called the barycenter. The earth is so much more massive than the moon that the barycenter is within the body of the earth. It is constantly moving of course, because of the combined effects of earth's spin and the moon's orbit.

Why does the moon spin around earth?

so that the whole world can either have night time or day time

How fast does the moon spin to cause locking?

The moon makes 1 rotation for 1 revolution around the earth. Both are 27.3 days long.

How long does it take for the moon to rotate around earth?

It takes 27.32 days for the moon to spin all the way on its axis. It also takes 27.32 days for the moon to rotate around earth so that's why we always see the same side on the moon.

Why do the moon and earth spin?

because of the orbit because of the orbit the earth spins around the sun. while the moon does the same that is why when the sun goes around the sun 1 time its a new year.

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