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Does the mother always end up with custody even if the father has not done anything wrong?


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2015-07-15 21:29:20
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In Oklahoma she does. Despite talk to the contrary, there is little equality in Family courts. You should get a consultation with an experienced Family law attorney in your town. They usually give a free or low-cost first consultation. Ask him/her for the realities of the local judges.

I would suggest a person who has limited his/her practice to Family law for quite a while. They're the ones who are frequently in family court and have been before all the judges.


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I believe that the Mother should always have full Custody.. After the father is a convicted felon

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The father would be the favored person to get legal custody if the mother had custody and died unless he was found to be unfit to have custody.

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No, but the father can get the custody if he proves that the mother has bad habits like alcoholic or consume drugs.

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The mother always do until the father has petitioned and got custody from the court.

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