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Does the seller of a repoed car has to tell of the sale of the car in the state of NJ?


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To whom it may concern: Im not a resident of N.J. but I have repoed in mich.,Ohio,and tenn. and there all supposed to do this so I would assume so does N.J. but call a local attorney to be for sure good luck.

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Contact the lender they will tell you where and when your vehicle is being auctioned.

Then tell the Repossession agents where it is and who has it.

Give the buyer a notarized bill of sale and state on the bill of sale that the title will be forwarded when received from the issueing entity (the state)

Entirely depends on the contract. If nothing was mentioned in the contract regarding this, then it was the buyer's responsibility to have surveyed the home prior to the sale. If this had been done, then any repairs or a value deduction could have been done prior to the sale.

does a seller have to tell you a car has been salvaged?

first you can tell them that you have to get rid of things and you want a yard sale. if they say no then you can tell them you wont ask them to buy anything that involves the yard sale.

Because they would have to invest more money to get it repoed than they could get back when its sold. Example: car will sell for 1000 as-is vs having to pay 1000 more to get it repoed and it would still only sell for 1000.

A seller should tell you all about the house. If you are concerned about a house being haunted, ASK. If this house has a real estate agent, the agent must find out if there are any stories of this house being haunted. Always remember the saying, BUYER BEWARE.______________________________________________________________________I think a seller should tell you if a house is haunted. But a seller won't tell you if they want to sell it quickly. If the house looks suspicious alwaysASK the seller.BY:PERLA___This answer would fall under state laws concerning disclosure of pre-existing conditions on the house known to the seller. Some states do not require disclosure of problems, as long as the buyer is allowed to do a complete inspection of the property. Other states require that the seller disclose problems which might not be discoverable by the buyer upon inspection (ie: the plumbing leaks in the winter, but the buyer is inspecting in the summer when there is no evidence of leakage).There was a case in Nyack New York (Stambovsky v Ackley, 1991) where the seller was sued by the buyer for misrepresentation, when the buyer learned that the house was thought of as haunted by the local community. The seller of the house lost the case, mainly because they had written to local newspapers and Readers Digest claiming the house was haunted, and thus were omitting a fact to the seller that they had previously gone to great lengths to publicize.Property disclosure laws differ from state to state, so you'd need to check with a lawyer in your state if you think you have a case against your seller.Of course, ghosts don't exist... so you risk making yourself look very foolish in the national news when you try to pursue and kind of lawsuit there.

No. It means the auction will end for that item or the sale of that item will end at that time. Ebay items are bid on for a period of time. At the end, the highest bidder gets the item. The exception is if it says "Buy It Now" then you can buy it now and the seller will generally tell you how long to expect delivery. You can also contact the seller and ask how long for delivery.

A retailer has to charge you the sale price if the price that you choose in their store is on sale. They cannot hide from you the fact that the item is on sale. will allow you to find out how much your used Ford Ranger is worth. Prices will include seller-to-seller resale value, as well seller-to-buyer value.

1 Get a bill of sale 2 go to the local dmv apply for a lost title they may need you to provide more paper work. they will tell you what you need If the seller advertised the vehicle for sell "with a title", he must supply you with a title. He needs to apply for a duplicate (lost/stolen) title at a dmv in the state he lives in. If he won't supply one, contact eBay within 45 days and they will contact the seller to advise them of what they need to do. If he doesn't do what they advise within 30 days, eBay protection will refund your money. They have a great protection plan and will work with you to get you what you need as long as it was advertised and the seller didn't follow through with his part of the deal.

Im afriad there isn't rli any way you can tell! Only by what the breeder/seller tells you =)

Cure whatever terms you were in DEFAULT(ins,ect) of. The LENDER can tell you exeactly what they require.

Contact your Bankruptsy Attorney. Tell him/her what has happened. They will be able to best advise you what avenue to pursue.

NOPE! sadly they don't even have to tell you they repoed or are going to repo. the unit. This includes houses, Good rule, DO NOT COSIGN.

Purchasing from an estate sale can be easy. All you have to do is go in and tell them what your budget is and what you are looking for.

A breeder is a source. Or a nice fair with 4-H rabbits for sale. I highly suggest that you don't buy one from a pet store. If you want one from the pound it will be spayed our neutered. The seller will tell you if it is pet quality or show quality.

Head to a local plant seller. They will offer you more advice and have experiance, they can be of use than anyone on here can probably tell you.

A dealership can tell you if you give them the VIN number. usually if look under the hood, there is vehicle emissions label that will state that the vehicle is legal for sale in California, or that the vehicle conforms to California regulations.

ANYTIME you are in DEFAULT, you are gambling the lender wont repo before you get the money to them. Its just that simple. I actually worked for 8 years for the company that repoed me. I never took it personnl and I think people appreciated it. Mostly when a veh was repoed it was a mutual understanding. In this case I wouldn't of repoed the car. Always wanted to keep the person in the car. Anyways, that's me and it wasn't my call. People do get a thrill out of it, However, I never really did. :(

Contact Copart, the location you bought it from, and tell them you need the bill of sale or title.

tell her that theres alot of good bargains. that what i always tell my mom

The only "advantage" for the seller that I can tell--is if you lower the sales price, you would have less in capital gains. The buyer would have the "advantage" of possibly getting a lower rate if points are paid by the seller.

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