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It really depends on how you look at it....

To some people it could mean one thing or an other

To me it means throwing it away on something you don't need

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โˆ™ 2008-12-27 03:40:24
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Q: Does the term wasting your money mean that you are throwing it away or is it like recycling?
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How can you save the earth by recycling?

by not throwing things away but reusing them

What does alimony is like feeding a dead horse mean?

It means its like wasting money. Similar quips:burning money, money down a rat hole, throwing money away.

Why is throwing away food bad?

Because it shows that you take food for granted. It is not necessarily bad but you are also wasting your parents money.

How does not recycling affect the world?

it affects the world cause you are throwing it away and when you can recycling thing and make them new

Why is patchwork environmentally friendly?

it is good because you are not throwing away any fabric you are re-using which is recycling and recycling is eco friendly

What is a good slogan for recycling?

instead of throwing your old crap away, why don't you just reuse it?

Is Lindsay Lohan married?

No, Lindsay Lohan is not married. She probably won't be until she learns to act like a mature person, instead of throwing all of her money away by wasting it on drugs and things like that.

How did Mr Wemmick feel about giving money to a friend?

you're throwing your money away

How did Mr. Wemmick feel about giving money to a friend?

you're throwing your money away

What are the three R's of science?

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. reducing - reduce the amount of waste you throw away. reusing - reuse stuff instead of throwing it away. recycling - recycle stuff such as metals, glass, plastic, and paper that you would normall throw away.

Explain why Things need to be recycled?

Recycling is a good practice because it conserves resources. Instead of throwing things away and leaving them to rot in a landfill, recycling will give new life to worn out items.

How does recycling influence children?

It teaches children that they shouldn't litter for one, because it gets them into the habit of throwing things away...recycling or not. It shows them how to save things, and use them over so that they don't have to waste their money, or a certain companies money. I would say it also teaches them how to be organized..In a way(; Take it from a Teenager :D I recycle cans all the time, and take them down to the Recycling Center. It's a good deed.

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