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No. Apostrophes are rarely used to make nouns plural. "Remember to dot your i's and cross your t's" is one of the rare instances that apostrophes are use to pluralize something.

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Q: Does the word protege need an apostrophe when speaking of more than one protege?
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Does the word dads need an apostrophe?

As a plural, for more than one dad; no, does not need an apostrophe. As a possessive, as in the item belonging to dad, then yes, it does need an apostrophe.

Where are the tension releases on a 1997 Mazda Protege?

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Your employee's - does this need an apostrophe?

If you're talking about more than one employee, then don't use an apostrophe. Plural words should never have an apostrophe. If you're talking about something that belongs to a single employee (such as "the employee's computer") then you need an apostrophe.

Why does I am need an apostrophe?

I am does not need an apostrophe. It is only when you make it into a contraction by dropping the a that you need the apostrophe. It becomes I'm in that situation.

Does Korean's need an apostrophe?

do you need an apostrophe after the s in Koreans

Does The Cannons need an apostrophe?

No. The Cannons doesn't need an apostrophe.

Does Christmas Eve need an apostrophe?

No, Christmas Eve does not need an apostrophe.

Does timings have an apostrophe?

No, because plurals do not need an apostrophe.

Do you need to add apostrophe for- the horses stalls are clean?

No you don't! Horses does not need an apostrophe.

Should from the Harringtons have an apostrophe?

No. Harringtons doesn't need an apostrophe.

Does thursdays have an apostrophe?

The plural "Thursdays" doesn't need an apostrophe.

Where does infants have an apostrophe?

the word 'infants' doesn't need an apostrophe, unless you are saying they owned something, for example, the infants' play (plural/more than one infant).