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It supports getting rid of them, if that's what you mean. Both those things are excessively bad.

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Q: Does this website support Mexican drug cartels and underage solicitation?
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If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support or can the underage teen control that?

well yeh you have to give support you got her pregnant for the love of god

If an underage teen is pregnant does the father of the underage teen have to pay child support?


Does the Christian Church support or not support underage binge drinking in Australia?

Naturally, the Christian Church does not support underage drinking, binge drinking or underage binge drinking in Australia. The Christian churches do not endorse any self-destructive behaviour.

What is a current issue or event for Mexico in this year?

Mexicos current issue in the 2011 is its tense relations with the United States over immigration issues and the drug trafficing that's going on across the Mexican-American border.The biggest issue concering Mexico is the war on drugs within the country. As drug cartels continue to expand and enforce themselves through out the country. The cartels are causing numerous murders and kidnapping of innocent Mexican civilians and American tourist. As some Mexican government officials are accused of co-operating with the cartels, the government is fighting and tracking down members of the cartel with U.S. financial support to abolish the cartel.

Solicitation letter in basketball?

Templates for solicitation letters for a basketball team can be found online. These types of letters ask for donations to help support the team financially for uniforms, traveling expenses, and equipment.

Sample solicitation for basketball uniform?

There are different templates online that show sample solicitation letters for basketball uniforms. They are used to encourage alumni, businesses and neighbors to support local basketball teams financially.

Is it true if a underage teen is pregnant that the father of the underage boy has to pay child support?

Yes the boys father will have to pay the medical bill.

If the father can't support the child can the child ask his parents for support?

S/he can ask, but the grandparents are not responsible for the grandchild's support. Unless the father is underage.

Can a grandparent receive child support if she is supporting the daughter and the baby?

Only if the daughter is underage.

Must you pay child support for your son's baby if father is underage in the state of Florida?


Can your babys mother still get child support if you are underage and she isn't?

yes, age has nothing to do with it.

Can a Mexican Mother with mexican child file for child support to a resident?

If the child is a legal resident of Mexico, that is where an order for child support is filed.

How do Republicans feel about underage drinking?

Republicans do not like underage drinking and do not support it. However, this opposition does not change legal age drinkers from drinking, whether they are Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc.

Does the mother of an underage boy have to pay child support to the underage mother of her son's child?

Yes, if that is ordered by the courts. In an Ohio case where a 14 year old boy got a 19 year old girl pregnant, his parents were ordered to pay support to the girlfriend.

What are the parts of solicitation letter?

A solicitation letter is one that is asking for money. You should use a letterhead and each paragraph of the company, next is explaining the venue with the date and what money will be used for, next you let them know their donation is tax deductible, and the last paragraph is thanking them for their support.

How do democrats feel about underage drinking?

They do not object to a lower drinking age, but neither do they support lowering the MLDA.

Solicitation letter for basketball court?

A solicitation letter for a basketball court is usually written towards alumni and community leaders and business to ask for money to help support or build a basketball court. The letter should politely ask for funds and explain what the funds are going to be used for.

Does a father have to pay child support to the mother if their underage boy gets a girl pregnant?

Yes. In addition, he could also be ordered to pay additional support for the grandchild.

Sample solicitation letter for basketball team uniform?

Dear madam, I will be joining the annual basketball competition at the Texas court starting this December 2013. In this regard, I would like to seek financial support for the production of our basketball team uniform..." is a sample solicitation letter for basketball team uniform.

What is the definition of the word canvassing?

"Canvassing" usually refers to gaining votes or support of individuals by solicitation during a political campaign. It can also mean examining carefully.

Where child support is being paid and one child turns 18 and support stops how is the other support for the underage child calculated?

It's recalculated based on a single child guideline. see links below

Does the under aged father have to pay chid support?

yes it doesn't martter if you are underage you still have to take responsabilites fior your actions

Do underage parents pay child support?

of course they do. If they were old enough to make the baby, then they have to pay for the baby, or else they can go to jail.

After having a baby in the state of Illinois are you automatically emancipated?

You are still underage. If your parents are providing support for you, then it may be wise to delay the emancipation.

Can you put yourself on child support if your baby momma is underage?

The father would have to establish paternity and acquire legal custody of the child.