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Q: Does using amphetamine sulphate make dandruff worse?
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Is alcohol worse then amphetamine?

No, amphetamine is the worse of the two drugs.

Does wearing a hat make dandruff worse?

yeah dude i mean snowhite

How do you get rid of dandruff if you tried every dandruff shampoo?

Might be hereditary, trust me I have it and its hereditary. The dandruff starts again right after I dry my hair. Its worse in winter though for some reason. Ah, well, there's nothing you can do, I guess, I'm not a scientist (yet, that is. I plan on being one). Just, if you're still in school, be prepared for someone to say that you have lice, or that dandruff means your hair is dirty, because I get a lot of that.

When i get dandruff what does that mean?

Dandruff is the cause of having a dry scalp ( the scalp is the top of your head where your hair is). When you have dry skin on your scalp, it starts coming off and you get little flakes of skin in your hair. It is itchy and uncomfortable. To get rid of it you can buy dandruff shampoo. The best , most affordable, and most common brand is called Head and Shoulders. Try to get a scented one, because the regular smells like glue. It should get rid of your dandruff. Also, try not to itch your head, because that will make you dandruff get worse. Hope this helps!

Does Head and Shoulders shampoo help dandruff?

Definitely not. There is also a slight possibility that it makes it worse. Try Tee Tree products. Head & Shoulders does work. I find it quite good. There are also shampoos out there called Nizorol and T-Gel that are also good for dandruff.

A sentence using the word worse?

The worse day ever was when I fell and hit my head

What factors could make your dandruff worse?

Hard water certainly contributes since the soap combines with the water mineral and sticks to your skin, becoming an irritant. Certain skin disorders or a fungus called M.furfur can cause or contribute to dandruff. If a water softener isn't an option, try a good dandruff shampoo. Doctors often recommend Selsun but you may want to ask your doctor for his/her recommendations.

Is there another bug that can live on your head beside lice?

No, but you could have really bad dandruff. The medical name for dandruff is pityriasis capitis, and it's the most common condition of the scalp. Many people think they get dandruff because their scalp is too dry. They stop washing their hair with shampoo or wash it less frequently, because they believe it makes the condition worse. This is not true. Flaking only happens because of an increased turnover of skin cells. Dandruff is believed to be associated with an overgrowth of a fungus commonly found on the skin and scalp, called Pityrosporum ovale. It can be difficult to prevent dandruff completely, but it can be controlled. The condition may also improve as you get older. Anti-dandruff shampoos containing the antimicrobials selenium sulphide (egSelsun) or zinc pyrithione are helpful for mild dandruff.

Can you make a sentence using to make matters worse?

To make matters worse, the poster's spelling was incorrect.

Can you give me a sentence using the word worse?

my worse day at school was horrible! The first sentence listed uses 'worse' incorrectly. It should read ' My worst day at school was horrible.' Example sentence - In my opinion his behavior was worse today.

How does codeine and amphetamines interact?

it is basically a speedball BECAUSE you are taking an amphetamine with an opiate but in low dose like one pill to one pill should be fine ive seen people do alot worse.

Is it true that using tissue to clear mucus makes a cold worse?

Absolutely not!

Can you give me a sentence using the word pollution?

Air pollution is getting worse.

Can you give an example of a sentence using vision?

As people age their vision will get worse.

Does narcissism get better or worse with age?

Unfortunately it get's much worse. They have had decades of using and abusing others and most will continue until the day they die.

A sentence using intervene?

We need to intervene now, before the patient gets worse.

Is whipped cream Better or worse than using half and half?

there's no diffint's

Is it safe to use two condoms?

No. Using 2 condoms increases the friction. this would be worse than using only one.

Does using makeup make your acne worse?

Most (but not all) makeups do in fact, make your acne worse. It is a horrible cycle because people try to cover up their acne with cover up and only cause it to become worse.

How do you make your soil acidic?

You can add ground sulfur to it, or, slower but even safer, add aluminum sulphate to it. The amount Must be calculated so you don't overdo it, which makes things worse. It will take a few months for the reulsts to be seen.

Ritalin vs Adderall xr?

Ritalin is an amphetamine like substance, while Adderall is a straight up ampheatime. They work about the same, though Adderall might be slightly more effective. And finally, Adderall might be slightly worse in terms of neurotoxicity.

Should i increase my dosage if my allergies get worse?

i have been using zyrtec 24hr and i hear my allergies are getting worse and its not the meds wearing off. so shall i increase the amount of zyrtec i consume?

What is a sentence using the word ensuing?

The riots were terrible, but the ensuing police response made things even worse.

What if I get hand soap in my eye?

you should wash it out thoroughly using cold water, hot water will make it worse.

How do you make colds worse?

Not getting enough restNot drinking fluidsNot blowing your nose/using sinus rinses