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== == There are many reasons for hair loss, but most likely, excessive hair washing is not the sole cause of hair loss. Your hair care products, lifestyle, and styling techniques may be facilitating your hair loss or stunting your hair growth. If your diet is laden with fats, alcohol, sugars, and junk foods, you are actually inhibiting your hair's ability to grow. If you buy most, if not all, of your hair care products from traditional stores, you are most likely buying a hair-damaging useless product. Most hair care products, including most of those that claim to be "all-natural," contain synthetic emulsifiers and harsh detergents, such as Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Phosphates, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Unfortunately, these products are loaded with toxins and chemicals that actually dry and strip your hair of vital nutrients it needs to grow. You have to attack hair loss on the inside and the outside. A great hair growth regimen has three necessary components: a healthy eating plan, substantial water intake, and a high quality hair growth and hair care product. Step One: Buy a High Quality Hair Growth Product. I suggest you go all-natural. Unnatural hair care products are a no-no for someone who wants long-lasting, healthy hair growth. Find a hair growth product that contains powerful essential oils, natural herbs, and vitamin rich nutrients your hair needs to survive. Look for products with ingredients such as: Aloe Vera, Citrus Fruits, Jojoba, Rosemary, and Sage. Make sure you stray away from all natural products that use natural extracts. Extracts are not as powerful as essentials oils. They are a cheap substitute for the real thing. Although there are several natural hair care products on the market, not all hair growth products are created equal. Make sure you read the fine print. Most ?natural? products still contain phosphates, sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum, mineral oil, and other lab created humectants that ultimately damage your hair. My advice---if you can?t read the ingredients, don?t buy the product. Step Two: A Healthy Hair Eating Plan Your hair is all protein. Thus, you need a protein rich diet, chocked fill of B Vitamins and other hair-strengthening nutrients. Increase your intake of fish. It is full of healthy proteins and essential fatty acids and natural oils your hair needs. In addition, drink a protein supplement or shake everyday. If you follow this plan, not only will your hair grow, but you will also lose weight. That is, of course, if you lay off the junk food. Remember, I warned you too much junk food above. Step Three: Drink Water Eight to ten glasses of water is an absolute requirement. Drinking water flushes your body of toxins, chemicals, and impurities that stifle your hair growth and disrupt your hormone and enzyme imbalances. Water also transports the important nutrients your body needs throughout your body. Hate drinking water? Add lemon and Splenda to have a healthy, tasty alternative. Here are more answers: * There are a lot of myths surrounding the reasons for hair loss; and this is certainly one of them. For a person with a full head of hair, it is perfectly normal to lose around 100 strands of hair daily. Washing your hair does not cause you to lose more than the normal amount of hair and certainly does not lead to hair loss. One of the reasons you may think excessive washing of hair can result in hair loss is because of all the hair that you see in the drain or on your comb after you have washed your hair. But as previously mentioned it is normal to lose hair in the daily processes of washing, shampooing, and drying hair. Washing your hair only causes you to lose the hair which is in the sleeping stage (telogen) and is lost normally in the cycle of hair growth. Hair grows in cycles. Whatever hair is lost due to washing is replaced, but the problem occurs as, with age, the hair does not always grow back to the same length or with the same thickness as before and so we naturally blame it on everyday washing. Although simply washing your hair does not cause hair loss, it is important to wash your hair properly. You should not pile your hair on top of your head and massage it vigorously. This can make your hair a tangled mess and you can end up losing more hair when you try to comb the tangles out. Wet hair is more prone to breaking than dry hair, so it is preferable to comb wet hair using a wide toothed comb so as to minimize the pulling and breaking of your hair. If using hair care products, ensure that while washing, you rinse them out of your hair completely so that there are no remains of any chemicals that may react with your skin and cause your hair to fall. There is no scientific basis for the belief that washing your hair too much can make you lose it. Careful washing of hair, even on a daily basis, will not result in hair loss but will only make your hair shinier and healthier.

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Q: Does washing your hair too much cause hair loss?
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Washing hair doesn't cause hair to change in any way, except making it cleaner.

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There is no theory as such on magnesium.

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Yes it does! Washing Hair Too Often and Hair Loss Washing too often DOES remove much needed nutrients and natural oils as normally shampoos contains harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate/ sodium laureth sulfate and sodium chloride. Such chemicals are basically detergents that wipes out the natural oils and mineral from your hair. Therefore, it's best to wash hair every 2-4 days, depending on your hair's oiliness. As for hair loss, I am not aware that washing too often will cause that. Hair loss can be caused by MANY factors from diet to stress to hormonal changes. It's a topic that is still being sought to conquer/overcome.Another View:I imagine that no nutrients will be taken as all the hair you can see on someone, as well as skin is dead. So the lack of there should not be much nutrients in dead hair cells to take away. Plus all conditioners and shampoos do is to get rid of dirt and grease making the hair softer not supplying it with nutrients unlike the misleading adverts.

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the causes of greasy hair are, not washing your hair often enough. and using to much conditioner. WASH UR GREASY HAIR!

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High levels of minerals in water may contribute to hair loss. The hair needs minerals to survive but too little or too much can cause problems.

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no but washing your hair to much is bad

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definetely , i lost all my hair :/ i am now bold

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