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Nope. only nail polish remover :)

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well, It will go a little bit through but it will soak up and sponge on a nail or another surface

If you swallow nail polish go to the hospital.

Of course! Nail polish can cover gel nail polish and can also be removed then polished once more.

go to walmart they have cheap nail polish there

If you have your own nail polish, that's perfect. Go to the store and buy CRACKLE nail polish. Put on regular nail polish on all nails. Do one stripe in the middle of the CRACKLE nail polish. As it dries off, it starts to form CRACKLE nails.

If a dog drinks a pinch of nail polish (trust me this has happened to my dog) then give it water and make shure to have it go pee alot.

Go to the shop, glassons, jayjays etc, I'm sure that nail polish can be purchased from anywhere.

The reason why water can't remove nailpolish is because water doesn't have a special chemical inside it to remove nailpolish. I don't know what the chemical is called, but you can always go to the nail polish store or go to CVS to find nailpolish remove stuff.

you go get nail polish remover at a store. The only glitch is, do not use nail polish remover if the carpet contains acetate.

Crackle nail polish basically has alchohol in iit. The alcohol makes the nail polish crackle, because of the chemicals in it. Crackle nail polish can also be done at home. Materials: 1) 1 bottle of nail polish (colored nail polish perferred) 2) 1 bottle of alcohol Procedure: Step 1) open the bottle of nail polish Step 2) open alchol, and poor 1 cap of alcohol into 1 bottle of nail polish Step 3) shake up the nail polish Step 4) apply to nails with nail polish on it. It takes a few secs to start to crackle. And wala! There u go homemade crackle nail polish!! ;)

1.) Go to the store. 2.) Buy nail polish remover. 3.) Use as directed on the label.

you can go to Wal Mart, Dollar General, Walgreens, or anything like that and buy nail polish remover for $1.50 or so. then use a q tip and dab it in the nail polish remover and then rub your nail to get it off.

Nail art pens. They are pens that have nail polish in them so that you can stuff on your nails easier.

if your using it for making clear nail polish , i go by adding water , conditoner ! its as eassy as that

You go to Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-mart, A mani/pedi place, AND BUY NAIL POLISH REMOVER. ANSWER: Acetone will remove nail polish.

HIV can not go through a nail.

You can clean it with nail polish remover like i do and it will all go ;P

You can get it at a nail shop or go to other stores and try to find it if the nail shop doesn't sell it.

You could remove nail polish by using nail polish remover, or make your own DIY nail polish remover You could go search something up on Google, and YouTube helps too.

This is really random, but the other day i was playing with some blue-tac and i stuck it to my nails, and the ripped it off and the nail polish came with it! So maybe give it a go, it does work.

yes, you apply the cuticle oil on your cuticles, (and push them back) and then apply the polish, so that way you can coat the whole nail with polish and not just part of the nail (the bottom of the nail will be covered by your cuticles if they're not pushed back and you don't want that) :)

A lot of what causes nail polish to chip is poor application and having oily nails. If you don't have the patience to do it right, go get a manicure.

Hmm, I love nail-polish.... but Im not sure how to make my own nail polish. You could go to some beauty store, or hair salon or store, and ask the people that work there. They would probably know.

I honestly think thair is a simple explanation to that all you have to do is go to the store and find nail polish remover in the beauty section. Alcahol ( also used for cleaning cuts) works for removing polish from a nail. but do not peel it off, it can leave your nail dry and breaky ( the top of nail may peel as a result of this!)

I got my nails done yesterday in this beautiful color. It was a pale shape of pink but it was really prettey. When you go to the salon and you go to the nail polish rack look for a nail polish named "Gucci mucci pucci". Trust me it is really pretty. Hope this helped! :D