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Q: Does wining noise from the fuel pump of a 1997 Astro Van indicate that the pump is failing?
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Wining noise when clutch is in?

sounds like maybe a clutch release bearing. what vehicle

What causes winding noise from front tire?

Wining noise from front tire can be caused by:Tire wear (cupping or "feathering")Wheel bearing failing, if you can hear it it is getting dangerous.Use of aggressive tread tires, either off road or winter gripsIce studs on pavementFailing CV joint in the front drive shaftsMud flap rubbing on tire ( my niece had this happen )Brake failure. A rotor and other worn brake components can cause this type noise

Why do you hear a ping noise from your computer?

It might be one of fans is failing.

What is a symptom of a failing power supply?

Heat, noise or a lack of power.

What are the symptoms of a failing fuel pump on a 2002 Honda Civic?

A failing fuel pump can indicate two symptoms before failure. There may be the feeling the engine is choking or running erratically after start and then failing. The second can be screaming or high pitched wailing from the pump itself. Most modern passenger car fuel pumps are quite and the noise can be a critical symptom of impending failure.

Saturn 3.0 timing belt noise?

A Saturn 3.0 timing belt noise can indicate that the belt is becoming worn down. It can also indicate a bad gear.

Grinding noise in a 2000 Chevy Astro?

A 2000 Chevrolet automobile grinding noise can be caused by several things. The most common cause of a grinding noise is worn brake pads.

What is the clattering noise coming from under the valve cover on the start up of 1995 caravan 3.0?

The lifters are failing and need replaced to stop the noise.

Noise around the belt on 1989 Celebrity?

You need to be a little more specific about the noise around the belt. I would suggest you check out the serpentine belt as it could be failing. If it is a grinding or squealing noise it could be a failing bearing in one of the units the belt powers. I hope this is of some help, if not ask again with more information.

Why is your Honda crv makes noise when hiting a pothole?

Loose, damaged, or failing shock absorber/strut?

Why do your 1995 Chevy Caprice makes this wining noise when you turn?

Your power steering has a problem. It could be a broken part, or you may need a whole new set-up.

I have 1999 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo and it making a wining noise when you start it and drive Can you help me with this?

yeah i have the same thing on the same vehicle but what ever i wouldn't worry about it

How do i fix an 88 astro van speedometer noise?

I see no answer yet nov17 2012. I have same problem on 86 astro. Its got 66000 miles. Its not always noisy. Don't know what starts noise. It also sometimes jumps around past 60 mph. Don't know if oiling it will help.

What causes a creaking noise on the front nearside of a 2004 focus?

Failing strut, cv joint or steering bushing.

Why when you switch from fourth to fifth gear is grinds?

The grinding noise can be an indication of a bad gear in the transmission. The grinding noise can also indicate a problem with the clutch.

What is cladding on a 1996 Chevy astro van?

do you mean a cladding noise?if it is comming from under the vehicle have your catalyc converter checked

What could be the cause of a hummming noise while driving coming from the rear of a 2000 astro?

sounds like bearings in the differntial

How do you eliminate chirping noise from automatic tensioner of a ford 92 f250 pickup truck?

You will need to change it out. The bearing is failing.

Clicking noise coming from the drive shaft between 20 and 30 mph what could it be?

Possible a failing U-joint.

Why is the power steering making a wining sound?

Its either because you are low on fluid and need more or the pump could be going bad. If its low on fluid the whining noise is the air in the lines.

Your Honda accord is making a real loud noise once the car gets above 40 mph?

If this noise changes pitch when turning left or right, it's a wheel Bearing that is failing...

What causes the clanking or pinging noise when stopping or going and turning in a 2003 Honda CRV?

Questioner gives no indication where the noise is coming from, but it COULD be an indication of a failing CV (constant velocity) joint.

Clicking noise after changing air filter?

A clicking noise after changing an air filter on a car could indicate there is a problem. You should consult a car care professional.

How do you know if the altanator is going on a 1987 Cadillac Brougham?

it will start to make a grinding/wining noise before it actually goes. i recommend you replace it before it goes. if not you'll most likely be stranded when it does.

Why is a Lincoln LS V8 making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse?

If a Lincoln LS V8 is making a engine noise when it is shifted into drive or reverse, it could indicate a seized gear in the transmission. It could also indicate a low transmission fluid warning.