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It can speed up your metabolism and make you lose some weight. The exact amount of weight such as a pound will depend on the person.

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How many calories should you cut a week to lose a pound?

There are 3500 calories in one pound. Cutting 500 calories a day would make you lose one pound each week.

What exercise do you do to lose a pound a day?

There is no exercise that has the ability to make you lose a pound a day and if there was, it wouldn't be healthy to do so. Your body is sacred, treat it well by eating right and exercising on a daily basis.

Does throwing up make lose weight?

Yes it's coming out of your body. I once ate a pizza that gave me a pound but I was sick so I threw it up and lost that pound.

Can going to the toilet cause weight loss?

Yes, it can make you lose a pound or two, but it wouldn't be permanent weight or anything.

How many crunches does it take to lose 1 pound?

crunches will not lose body fat or weight. aerobic exercise such as running will reduce body fat. it takes 3500 calories to make a pound of fat. reduce your intake by 500 a day/7days = 3500. With exercise, you should lose a pound a week. p.s crunches or resistance work will only tone the muscle but fat will stil be over it.

What is Yerba?

== == Yerba is a herb native to South American. It is related to holly. You can make a drink known as Yerba Mate. It contains a higher level of caffeine than coffee. Check with your local herb or Whole Foods for some. Most South Americans drink it non-stop in a special gourd with a straw attached. In some cases, this is their prized possession.

If you burn 600 calories how long will it take to lose a pound.?

3500 calories make up a pound. So, if you burn 600 a day it would take you a little less than 6 days to lose a pound ( 3500/600= 5.83333) Keep in mind that this only remains true if you are burning more calories than you are consuming.

How many calories to consume each day to lose weight for a 5'0 and 120 pound female?

I would say about 2 calories a day would DEFINITELY make you lose major poundage!

Is there a formula to calculate how many calories it takes a person to lose weight according to his current weigh?

In general, to lose one pound you have to burn 3,000 to 3,500 calories more than you consume. (So if you eat 2,000 calories, you have to burn just over 5,000 calories to lose one distinct pound.) However, different metabolisms can process this differently. Dieting helps. Drinking a lot of water helps to clear out everything, and that can actually make you lose a pound or two, also.

What to do for a 450 pound brother who doesn't want to lose weight?

Encourage him to lose weight. Make him schedules for eating and working out. Encourage him a lot. Never laugh at him. do the workout stuff and eating healthy with him it will make him feel like he isn't alone.

If you are 5' 2 and weigh 170 pounds can you lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks and how can it be done?

Losing a pound a day is not realistic. You didn't gain it that fast, you can't expect to lose it that fast. A sensible diet and exercises will do wonders and you'd be amazed at how much of a difference 5 pounds will make. Sustained weight lose at a healthy rate is about a pound a week.

How long does it take me to lose 50 lbs?

About a year. A safe weight loss program is one pound a week. Attempting to speed that up does not work, but it will make you sick.

If you don't eat anything after 6 pm can you lose weight and if so how long do you have to do it to lose one pound?

Eating after a certain time won't make you gain weight. It all comes down to how much you eat and what you eat. If you are hungry before bed grab an apple or something small and healthy. Also one pound equals 3,500 calories. So if you cut out 500 calories a day for 7 days (1 week) you can lose 1 pound a week.

How many ounces make a pound?

16 ounces make up a pound.

How many kilocalories make you lose one pound of fat?

To lose one pund of fat, one must burn 3,500 more calories than you intake. To lose calories, a person can count calories as they eat throughout the day and then exercise should do the trick.

How do you lose wheight fast?

By doing unhealthy things that make you dehydrated, and which make your muscles waste away. To get rid of body fat, you should lose weight at up to maybe a pound and a half a week, if that. And if you want to get rid of body fat from problem areas like tummies, or hips and thighs, there is some evidence to suggest that half a pound a week to a pound a week is the way to go. Otherwise you might end up very thin, but with a pot belly.

How can i lose 30 pound in 3 to 4 month?

working out is the only way to legitimately lose weight. also make your own meals, don't buy packaged foods or fastfood, bake the chicken and potatos yourself

Where can I get free workout plans to help me lose weight quickly!?

There are ways to lose pound quickly but bear in mind quick doesn't always mean better. You can go to Hollywoodweightloss.com,this will provide you the info to make an informed decision.

How can you lose weight in 3 day to look good?

Impossible. You could only lose a pound or so of fat in that time. You could (but shouldn't) completely fast while dehydrating yourself in order to lose quite a bit of water weight, but this wouldn't make you look good.

How many onces to make a pound for a baby?

32 ounces make a pound for a baby

How many bees needed to make pound?

Approx. 4500 bees make a pound.

How empty pop cans make a pound?

127456 empty pop can make a pound!

How many ounces of silver make a pound?

16 ounces of anything make a pound.

How many onuces can make 1 pound?

16 Ounces to make 1 Pound

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