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Does your employer need to find you another job if they fire you?

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No, they are under no obligation to find you a job.

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Does an employer need a reason to fire you?

They need a good reason to fire you.

I need my last pay check stub and i need it what do i do?

You contact your employer and ask for another copy.

Can a company fire you after they find out you are a felon?

It may not be the fact that you are a felon but the fact that you may not have told them and deliberately deceived them then yes they would have a right to let you go then. Employers do not need a "right" to fire for a particular reason. US law is clear - employers can fire you for good reason or no reason. The employer can ignore your felony or fire you for it or no particular reason, and need not explain themselves to you.

Need to find your w2 for 2008?

Contact your employer and ask for a copy.

Can an employer legally find out if you have a diploma?

Of course it is legal. All they would need to do is pick up the phone and call the school to ask. If you have stated in your job application that you have a diploma when in fact you do not and they find out, they can fire you immediately for misrepresenting yourself.

What to say if an employer ask what you know about this job?

tell him or her what you no, and if you don't no you need to find out.

How can i get my 401k info from an employer?

Your employer should have their records electronically stored. The 401K is usually with a separate company anyhow. You will need to find out who sponsors your 401k and their contact information. Your employer will have access to this.

Where can I find information on fire damage repair?

My garage caught fire over the weekend. Where can I find out what I need to know about fire damage repair?

Can an employer force an employee to work on call 24-7-no pay?

No, he can not! What you need to do is get another job amd then report this employer to the state's Labor Commissioner.

Can a employer fire a employee for personal reasons?

An employer can fire an employee for any reason at all and need not explain to the former employee. Firing an employee for personal reasons that do not involve race, sex, age, religion, or disability is perfectly legal for employers of any size.

Can you swap employers on an Australian permanent resident visa?

You can swap employers on a permanent resident visa. This visa is not employer dependent. You may be referring to the Australian sponsorship visa which is employer dependent. On this visa you would need to find another employer and get them to sponsor you if you are moving employer. You can ask questions live on the website which is quite handy. They mainly do working holiday visas and skilled migration visas

Can you be fired for not telling your employer you are on probation?

Yes. You need to divulge any and all criminal convictions, and your company can terminate you for any omissions. It's best to put all past convictions on your application, than to have your employer find then after you've been hired. If you're currently working, most companies won't fire you for being honest with them, but if you don't tell them, they'll fire you for being untrustworthy.

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Need to find ex spouses employer?

There is little you can do by yourself. You may want to contact an attorney for assistance.

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What paperwork must you provide to an employee upon termination?

Trying to find out if a employer is in Michigan and they can fire for any reason and the employee lives in Kentucky. Must the go with the current state the employee lives in rules instead of Michigan? How can I find out if you need to give warnings to people before firing in Kentucky?

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Can an employer fire you with out cause?

It depends on your state - some states are "employment at will" states. Check with a local attorney and/or provide more specific information. In the "hire at will" states the employer does not need to give reason to fire you,in other states they must give you a reason However they can always claim poor job performance,bad attitude,insabordination ect to just fire you because they want to get rid of you..

We were married for thirty years. Can I get my deceased husband's pension?

You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.

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Can your employer fire you for not going in earlier than set schedule With less than 3 hrs notice via text to personal cell phone?

Short answer: Yes, your employer can fire you at any time without reason at all. BUT depending on your employment agreement it may not be a valid reason and depending on your location the employer may be responsible for paying in lieu of notice. To know for sure you need to call the government agency in your area and ask.

What forms do I fill out for medical reimbursements?

All medical forms will vary by employer. You will need to contact your Human Resources department to find out what forms you will need to fill out for reimbursement.

How do you claim your unemployment in the case of moving to another state?

The answer to this depends on whether it is you voluntarily moving to another state or if it is your employer moving to another state and you are choosing, for whatever reason, not to follow. In the case of the latter, you will likely qualify for unemployment (provided that you meet the other requirements) whereas the first one is your choice and your employer will not need to pay unemployment for you.

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