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Does your ex want to get back together if he recently confessed while tipsy that he missed you and doesn't know why he broke up with you because you did nothing wrong and he was just screwed up?



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Hard to tell. If he was drinking, how would you know its the truth. He obviously doesnt know how to express his feelings. Had it been that he was "screwed up in the head" he should have told you then it had nothing to do with you. Maybe what he thought was greener on the other side didnt pan out and now he misses what he had. You deserve better than this and need to let him know that when his head is screwed on the right way for a relationship with no games you may consider starting a "friendship" to see how it works out before committing yourself to him. In the meantime, surround yourself with positive people and places to see how a truly healthy relationship should blossom. Good luck.