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Myself It Doesn`t Have. By The Words Used In Documents Declaring Independence, And Self Governing. The Lord Was Expressed And Equility Of Men. Seldom Hear Of This Now.

ANSWER: Not even close. Look at the news today. Homeschooling declared illegal when there was no such thing as public education in the beginning, Department of Child Welfare Services, which is not at all mentioned in the Constitution is so booked up stealing children away from their parents, parents that actually want the state to take their children have to put themselves on a waiting list. The President is the most powerful man in the free world, the courts legislate law through activism and Congress gets better and craftier at writing laws that make the people think they're subject to, and ultimately do gain jurisdiction from the willful granting of jurisdiction by people who only wish to obey the law. The FCC suppresses freedom of expression, the ATF infringes upon the rights of gun owners, FEMA just flat out offends everybody and the IRS routinely investigate churches for something their pastor said in a sermon. Imagine that, a tax collection agency investigating a church for things that were said. Thank god for that whole separation of powers thing.

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Does our gvernment still serve the purposes intended by the framers?

Yes it does...

Does your government still serve the purposes that the Framers intended?

Whether or not the government still serves the purposes that the Framers intended is a matter of debate. Some believe the government has grown too large and powerful, while others argue that it has grown to accommodate the ways the nation has changed. Both sides believe their views are represented in the Constitution.

Does your government still serve the purpose that the framers intended?

Yes, our Democracy government does still include the purposes of the framers because part of their government included farming, and economics decribing the concept of it being similar to a Democracy government.

Does Maryland government still serve the purposes for which it was created?

yes they do

Which is more important common good or individual rights?

The Founders thought that common good was better than individual rights. They thought that because common good helps more than a few people. They thought the government should serve the majority of the people. The Founders tried to make common good one of the main purposes in the 1700's. Some of the Founders like Patrick Henry feared a strong national government. They worried that a strong government would only serve certain groups and couldn't be stopped just like their former king. The Founders' ideas on the common good are still used in the present day. In a argument between the Chicago government and a citizen, Morales, the government tried to do what the Founders wanted government to do. Morales said that loitering laws was violating the right to talk with peers. The Chicago government said loitering was and act of gangs and it disturbed the public. In the end of the argument Morales won. The Founders liked the Roman Republic. In the Roman Republic the people ruled themselves. One of the governments' purposes was to serve every citizen. The Romans would hire representative when a community got to big. These representatives would represent the communities in government.

What are the barrier islands and what purposes do they serve?

What are the barrier islands and what purposes do they serve?

What two purposes can a government serve in a market economy?

to protect the public and preserve private enterprises

What purposes do political parties serve?

Some purposes that political parties serve are:work together to help governmentrelate differences within countries/nationsHELP GET public ISSUES AND LAWS PASSED

What purposes do storytellers serve?

The purposes storytellers serve are to inform,entertain,explain,and persuade

Who are one of the purposes that elections serve is to provide?

One of the purposes that elections serve is to provide

What would happen if members of parliament were paid to serve government?

If the Members of Parliament (MPs) were paid to serve the government they would be bound to approve of all the actions taken by the executive branch of the government. This is not what is intended in a parliamentary democracy. Here the MPs are intended to be representatives of the people in the constituency from which they have won an election from. So, it naturally follows that the MPs are paid to serve the people by legislating laws in the parliament and by acting as a check to make sure that the decisions of the government reflects the will of the people.

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Serve as structure support.

Carbohydrates serve two major purposes These purposes are?

energy and structure

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Trade tariffs serve to raise prices on imports.

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Idek :/

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What purpose should the government serve?

What purpose should government serve

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In the 21st century blogs?

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What are the main beliefs of the Republican Party?

tTo uphold the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land. To preserve and live by the founders original intent for our country. To serve U.S. citizens and To have less government.

Can a nonprofit business have a single board member?

The founders and/or persons who oversee the operation of your Nonprofit organization serve as the board members. In most cases, one person can serve as sole director for incorporation purposes. However, when you submit your 501 application or other type of tax exempt application, the IRS usually requires at least 3 individuals to serve on the board of directors.

People who serve in a government are knows as?

People who serve in a government are known as officials.

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my sister was put on title for tax purposes. Can she keep the will from being executed

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Besides defining words and helping you spell them correctly, what other purposes can a dictionary serve?