Does your government still serve the purposes that the founders intended?

Myself It Doesn`t Have. By The Words Used In Documents Declaring Independence, And Self Governing. The Lord Was Expressed And Equility Of Men. Seldom Hear Of This Now.

ANSWER: Not even close. Look at the news today. Homeschooling declared illegal when there was no such thing as public education in the beginning, Department of Child Welfare Services, which is not at all mentioned in the Constitution is so booked up stealing children away from their parents, parents that actually want the state to take their children have to put themselves on a waiting list. The President is the most powerful man in the free world, the courts legislate law through activism and Congress gets better and craftier at writing laws that make the people think they're subject to, and ultimately do gain jurisdiction from the willful granting of jurisdiction by people who only wish to obey the law. The FCC suppresses freedom of expression, the ATF infringes upon the rights of gun owners, FEMA just flat out offends everybody and the IRS routinely investigate churches for something their pastor said in a sermon. Imagine that, a tax collection agency investigating a church for things that were said. Thank god for that whole separation of powers thing.