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Does your spouse have legal rights to a share of the assets you have acquired during three years of separation?

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Separation does not equal divorce. * Spouses may obtain and hold property separately from the marriage in any state that is not designated a community property state, in most cases such property is not subject to partitioning in the dissolution proceedings. The deciding factor would be how property and/or assets were obtained, independently or by the use of joint marital funds. In CP states the assets and/or property would only be protected if the couple were legally separated with the division of marital property having been settled.

2007-01-10 03:22:36
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Does husband have rights to assets in wife's name?

That depends on the state, the property, how and when it was acquired.

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What are the post legal rights of a man after legal separation?

While there is generally no legal concept known as "legal separation," a man's rights do not change if he is married, single or divorced. He has the same rights.

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If someone is still legally married but separated and wants to purchase a home will the spouse have rights to the home that is purchased?

It depends what state you live in (i.e. whether it's a community property state or not), as well as how the house is titled.AnswerUnless there is a legally documented separation notice posted (like in a news paper) that states He or She will no longer be financially responsible for or associated with their spouse, the spouse will own 1/2 of the house. Maybe.Property acquired during the marriage in a community property state would be considered jointly owned but not so in non community property states, where the titling determines ownership.A legal separation is as binding as the actual dissolution, a voluntary separation is not.The purpose of a separation agreement is to finalize the distribution of assets and property and custodial issues.A matter such as the one cited would have to be decided by the judge who rules on the dissolution petition.Property purchased or assets received by a spouse after a legal separation has been validated are not considered jointly owned whether the estranged couple live in a CP state or not.The best option is to consult a qualified attorney before taking any action on the matter.

Could your future ex have any rights to property that you purchase in NY state although the divorce is not finalized?

You should consult with your attorney. However, it may not be wise to acquire more assets during a divorce proceeding.You should consult with your attorney. However, it may not be wise to acquire more assets during a divorce proceeding.You should consult with your attorney. However, it may not be wise to acquire more assets during a divorce proceeding.You should consult with your attorney. However, it may not be wise to acquire more assets during a divorce proceeding.

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Differentiate the post legal rights of man in legal separation and annulment marriage?

The post legal rights of a man in a legal separation refers to the things a man is entitled to in a given separation. Annulment marriage refers to the way of ending a marriage like a divorce.

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What are the rights of a man in a post legal separation?

The same as they were prior to the 'legal separation', except for intimate relations with his spouse...unless she/he agrees.

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