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In my both my pregnacies if I bent over too far too quick I got a bad cramp in my tummy, in bed twistin around I sometimes got pinching in my stomach, sitting doing laundry gave me tummy aches(backaches too) early on

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17y ago
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when i found out i was pregnant i was about 6 weeks nd i had alot of cramping in my lower abdomen they say when you are pregnant that you usually get pains or cramps in your stomach.

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12y ago

Well the first time I was pregnant I felt flutter / butterfly ...

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Q: Does your stomach hurt the first few weeks when your pregnant?
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Does your stomach hurt the first 2 weeks your pregnant?

not usually since the embryo is too small to enlarge the uterus, if however you do find that you are pregnant you might want to make sure it isn't an ectopic pregnancy...

If your are pregnant does it hurt to sleep on your stomach?

it may or may not

You are nine weeks pregnant and you fell today could you have hurt the baby?

I am pregnant i am nine weeks and i fell form tow storie . Could my be hurt.

Can you be pregnant if your stomach hurts and you can not eat?

Yes, you can be pregnant if your stomach hurt's and you can not eat. Best way to tell, is get a pregnancy test.

Does it hurt your baby when you get hit in the stomach at 38 weeks?

yes it does

Should your stomach hurt after you poop if your pregnant?

This is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Where does your belly hurt during the first couple weeks of pregnancy?

I have been pregnant 3 times and my stomach never really hurt. I had round ligament pains, which is like a charley horse feeling, in your stomach due to everything stretching out to make room for the baby. My belly was super itchy cause my skin got dry as it stretched. The baby kicking would hurt my stomach sometimes, but the only real all the time stomach pain I had was when I started having contractions.... now that hurt.

Does stomach pains mean a girl is pregnant?

No, but it might mean that she has a stomach virus, or she is starting her period.

Does it hurt when you are two weeks pregnant?

no you can hardly tell the difference

What happens if you burn your stomach while pregnant?

if you're worried it will hurt the baby, it wont it will just hurt you

Does laying or sleeping on your stomach when you are 3 months cause a miscarriage?

The fetus is well protected so laying on your stomach can not hurt it.

Do breast hurt at 3 weeks pregnant?

yes in most cases they do.