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Yes. You still breathe normally while pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-02 19:33:57
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Q: Does youre stomach still go in and out when you breathe if youre pregnant?
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Does your stomach still growl when youre pregnant?

Yes your stomach does growl when you are pregnant, if you are hungry then it will growl no matter what. There is one thing you can do to stop the growling of your hungry stomach. You must eat something....... I recommend beans (a lot of protien)

How does your stomach feel when youre 1 week pregnant?


Why do you have a Dull ache in stomach with no period 4 weeks late?

chances are youre pregnant

What does it mean when an animal stays by your stomach?

Well, 99.9% of the reasons are because youre pregnant. That .1% would be cause the love your stomach cause its soft.

Why is it breathing is difficult when you are pregnant?

if youre in your 2nd trimester the baby is high and pushing on your lungs and diaphragm, making it hard to breathe normally

Is it possible to get pregnant the day befoe you period comes and you still have youre period?

Very highly unlikely.

Reasons why you get pain in your stomach while you are pregnant?

When youre pregnant, your connective tissue streches out. (the tissue that ,for example, keeps your joints together) This can cause some pain.

Could i be pregnant i have sore heavy breasts headachs back ach cramps feel very tired i came on my period 2 days early an it is different to my last one it is very light i feel i have a temperature.?

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

If your stomach gets bloated and you are getting ready to come on your perioddoes it mean that youre pregnant?

No, it's just something that often happens before a period

How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

Do you have to wait after your first missed period to know if youre pregnant?

That is one way of knowing you are pregnant but some women still have a period while pregnant that is why you should also use the pregnancy test

Where are bison found today?

in youre stomach

Can you have period pain if your pregnant?

yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

Do you count the weekends when youre pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if youre spotting and cramping?


How do you know if youre pregnant?

if you missed a period

Are you pregnant if you have stomach pains and nausea?

just because you have stomach pains and nausea, does not mean youre pregnant at all. though it is a symptom, it is but one. it could be any number of things. did you ever think that you could actually be sick? a more proper question you could have asked wouldve been, is it possible. the answer to that would be yes.

How long does it take to find out you are pregnant?

It usually takes about 4 weeks. Its different for everyone. I am pregnant right now, and i know i am because of the fluttering in my stomach and my light and dark period. You kno youre pregnant when there is a lot of discharge, and you may feel cramps in your sides. Good luck

Can you still get pregnant if youre on the pill use a condom and the pullout method?

That's being overly cautious, but whatever floats yer boat, i guess

What if you dont get your period and youre not pregnant?

you could be chaning your cycle

What do it mean if youre boyfriend wants you to get pregnant?

He wants to have sex.

Is spotting while ovulating a sign of pregnancy?

if youre ovulating, then youre not pregnant. it's just ovulation spotting. it's normal.

You had your a small place in your tubes took out and your periods have not been normal since then you just had your period just about 2 weeks ago and now you are bleeding again could you be pregnant?

if youre bleeding youre not pregnant

This is a riddle When youre asleep i am still when youre awake i am moving when you look i am there when you dont im still there and when you die i wont be able to find you What am i?


Can you get pregnant if youre on depo shot and the condom you was using comes off inside of you?

You CAN get pregnant, but there is only about a 3% chance.

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