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Yes, see related link.

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If mother takes parental rights from the father dose he still have to pay child support?

One parent can not take the other parents rights away. The parent has to relinquish their own rights.

Does roberta bondar family?

Roberta Bondar has a father name Edward and a mother name Mildred they died. Roberta's father Edward died in 1985 and her mother Mildred died in 2006. Roberta also has an older sister name Barbara. Roberta is not married, she has never been married and she dose not have no children at all, but she dose have a sweet little dog name Betsy.

Does roberta bondar have a family?

Dr. Roberta Bondar is not married, she has never been married and she dose not have no children at all. But Roberta has a sister name Barbara, a sweet little dog name Betsy and a mother name Mildred and a father name Edward. But Roberta's mother and father died. Roberta's father Edward died in March of 1985 and her mother Mildred died in December of 2006.

How old do you have to be to be able to be emancipated?

My granddaughter wants to live with her mother she is soon to be 17 and her father has custody and dose not want her to leave what recourse dose my granddaughter have ?

Dose the first child always have the fathers blood type?

no for mu understanding he can have an other blood type from mother or grand father /mother

Dose a step father have rights for custody?

Depending on the state and circumstance, yes. Yes in PA. see link

Is Trey Songz's mother married?

no because she thinks that a man will hurt her and she dose not want to go through the drama

When natural mother dies dose stepfather have rights?

the natural father may have custody of the children. it all depends on the individual situation. sometimes the biological is unfit to be the father figure in the children's life and therefor the step father may receive custody. custody will be discussed between lawyers and potential custodial figures;) hope i helped! lemme know!

Who is peter pans father?

peter pan dose not know his parent and you want to know why because the author never bothered to right about his parents there for no name for the father and no name for the mother

What if your biological father dose not have any parental rights but you want to live with him?

Go to court or sit down with your Guardians to tell them you want to live with him.

Your child is 9 and her father was to see her after 4 year but your child dose not what to see him what rights have you got?

If the father has joint-custody of the child, not many. You are also at risk of an accusation of child alienation if you refuse.

Who has legal custody of minor child when parents have never married in NC?

by law the mother has legal rights to the child in question unless the mother is founded to be an unfit mother ex. like if she dose drugs, abuses the child, dose not keep food clothing and a roof over the child's head basically if she can not provide the basic needs for the child in questions also the mother can give up custtody of the child if she feels that she dose not want the child or can not provide for the child. the mother may give up custody to whom ever she choses although not a 100% sure but this law isw for most states for best results contact your local police department

Pretty zinta does she ever married?

pretty zinta dose she married

How does genetics affect childbirth?

well Genetics comes from the parents. Say like if the mother has A.D.D, and the father dose not than the chiled as a 50% chance of getting it

How do you make sure that your sons father dose not get custody if you die?

Convince him to give up parental rights and you give up any financial claim for child support.

Kelly pavlik mother work?

where dose kelly pavlik mother work

Dose Kevin Jonas have a son?

no he is not married yet

What dose the Bill of Rights protect?

The purpose of these bills is to protect those rights against infringement by the government.

Dose wwe superstar valdemer kazlov married?

A giant Moscow like him? No, he's not married.

Does espinoza paz want to married someone?

Espinoza paz dose wat to got married :)

What rights do residents have in medication administration?

Right medication,right time, right dose, right dose,right route.

What dose madre mean in Spanish?

"Madre" is "mother" in Spanish.

What does Shrek look like is he married dose he have children?

He is big and green. He is married to Fiona and yes he has kids.

How effectively dose Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms protect your individual rights?


Does the AKC Kennel Club register father-daughter offspring?

Yes you can it is called Line breeding and only experienced people should do it. But you cant do mother/son combo's and AKC dose have the answers for that.

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