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Doughboy above ground swimming pool about 19 years old one of the posts on the frame is listing and that area of the pool is no longer level Is there a danger of the pool collapsing How can you fix it?


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The metal frame of above ground pool provides the structure to hold the water. The metal frame needs to be level and aligned for the forces of the water to be evenly distributed around the frame. If one portion of the frame is "listing" or bent or leaning outward, that means that the forces from the water will not be evenly distributed and the pool may be at risk of collapse (depending upon the extent of the list or bend in the frame). Inspect the post to determine the cause of the list. The two most likely causes are: (1) the screws or bolts have become loose, or (2) the post is rusted. If the screws or bolts are loose, re-tighten or replace them to correct the list. If the post is rusted, then it will require replacement.