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Down with the sickness disturbed?

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Yes. Down with the Sickness is a Disturbed song used for the famous zombie movie of Dawn of the Dead.



yes down with the sickness is a hardcore song i head bang to it all the time is awsome i love disturbed they rule

woot, down with the sickness is disturbed national anthem! xD

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Is down with the sickness by metallica?

No, Disturbed

Who originally sang down with the sickness?

the band Disturbed sang down with the sickness on their album The Sickness in 2000

What is the release date of Down With the Sickness by Disturbed?

The album that Down With the Sickness is from, The Sickness, was released March 7, 2000.

Who sings ''Down With the Sickness''?


Who sings the song with the words down with the sickness in it?


Who controls copyrights for Down with the Sickness by Disturbed?

Warner Bros.

What is earthquakes theme song from wwe?

down with the sickness-disturbed

Who sang the song down wit the sickness?

Disturbed sang that song

What is the song on south park when cartman fights the midget?

Down With the Sickness By Disturbed

What is the Carolina Panthers player introduction song they play?

Disturbed --- Down with the sickness

What is disturbed signature song?

Although there are quite a few songs that Disturbed are famous for, the one that is used the most is probably Down With the Sickness.

Where can you download a free version of the song 'Down With the Sickness'?

Download the application Limewire from and search for the song "down with the sickness" by "Disturbed" , sweet tune!

Is there a clean version of down with the sickness on iTunes?

Yeah look up disturbed down with the sickness if you see the clean one it won't show the explicit mark.

What song with the lyrics of started with ah ah?

You might mean Down With the Sickness by Disturbed.

What are of disturbed songs names?

Down With the Sickness Stricken Land of Confusion The Night Indestructible

What are the names of disturbed songs?

A few are: Down With the Sickness Stricken Land of Confusion The Night Indestructible

Song with drums then wa ah oh in beginning?

It's called Down with the Sickness by Disturbed.

What disturbed album is stupify on?

The Sickness

What album is disturbed enemy on?

the sickness

What is the name of the song from the UFC with a lyric woo ah ah ah ah?

Get down with the sickness by Disturbed?

What hard rock song starts out ooh ah ah ah ah?

Down with the sickness - By: Disturbed

What rock song says oh WA ah ah ah?

It is "Down With the Sickness" by "Disturbed" . Hope that helped

Does disturbed perform the abuse segment of down with the sickness live?

yes. you can download it here:

What song comes to you when you think of a fight song?

Down With The Sickness by Disturbed or War Is The Answer by Five Finger Death Punch

What good songs can you listen to while playing Black Ops?

city by Hollywood undead or Down with the sickness by Disturbed