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Driving down the road 89 Chevy truck it dies all electric out pull over its fine?



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im not totally sure your vehicle is like mine but mine did stuff like that all the time try removing your battery for a couple of hours or it could be your computer. i had to replace mine and its doing fine now.

It just died. I put into neutral, and coasted for about 20 ft. one thing I did have to reset all my radio stations. I'm going to check the starter wires tonight. the ground conecting to the batt. was not lose but the rubber does spin. but the bolt doesn't move.


I'm not sure if this will help you but i had a vw bug that did the same thing once. i would be driving along, hit a bump and the car would die out. i would pull over, open the lid, look around and tell my GF to try to start it while i was looking in the eng. comp. the motor would start right up. as soon as i jumped in the drivers seat it would die again...get out check the engine...GF starts the car right up...jump back in and it dies again.

anyway, in the end it turned out that the prev owner had run a hot wire directly under the seat from the battery (under the back seat) to power the radio. everytime the seat would move it would pinch the wire and ground the whole system out.

maybe you have a short somewhere?

I replace the side post conector and replaced it with a new on. there was no corrsotion but it was old.... rough. so far no problems........