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im not totally sure your vehicle is like mine but mine did stuff like that all the time try removing your battery for a couple of hours or it could be your computer. i had to replace mine and its doing fine now.

It just died. I put into neutral, and coasted for about 20 ft. one thing I did have to reset all my radio stations. I'm going to check the starter wires tonight. the ground conecting to the batt. was not lose but the rubber does spin. but the bolt doesn't move.

AnswerI'm not sure if this will help you but i had a vw bug that did the same thing once. i would be driving along, hit a bump and the car would die out. i would pull over, open the lid, look around and tell my GF to try to start it while i was looking in the eng. comp. the motor would start right up. as soon as i jumped in the drivers seat it would die again...get out check the engine...GF starts the car right up...jump back in and it dies again.

anyway, in the end it turned out that the prev owner had run a hot wire directly under the seat from the battery (under the back seat) to power the radio. everytime the seat would move it would pinch the wire and ground the whole system out.

maybe you have a short somewhere?

I replace the side post conector and replaced it with a new on. there was no corrsotion but it was old.... rough. so far no problems........

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Why does an 88 Chevy truck shut off while you are driving down the road it does not stall spit or sputter it just dies will restart easily after each time it dies?

its a electronic piece in the key push ron area in the steering collum the key rod connectes it to complete the electric curcuit circle if it cracked it will cause it to shut down and restart by itself..

1990 Chevy truck will start but when you put it in gear the truck dies?

check the vacume line behind the tbi that runs to the map sensor

Chevy 350 sputters and dies after driving a while 20 minutes?

sounds like you have a fuel pump issue. You forgot to mention the year of your car. it will depend if you have a mecanical or electric fuel pump.

Why does a 87 Chevy truck randomly shut off when you are driving without sputtering when it dies?

It has been awhile since I owned a Chevy truck, but I seem to remember it was something to do with the vacuum hose or filter getting clogged with dirt. If you wait a few minutes, it should start back up. But, it is a faulty vacuum (filter), and needs to be replaced.

92 Chevy 1500 pu dies while driving down the road and will restart after it dies each time?

clogged fuel filter

1990 Chevy 454 after starting the truck dies. it will start but not stay running?

check all vacuum lines for leaks

What year does does Bella lose her red Chevy truck in twilight?

Bella no longer uses her truck in Breaking Dawn after she got engaged to Edward. she agreed when her truck died Edward could replace it, several weeks after this compromise Bella's Chevy red truck mysteriously dies, so she has to agree to accept a Mercadeds Gardian and after her transformation is given a Ferrari F430.

Your S10 dies intermittantly while running the dashborad lights flicker before it dies but the truck starts after a gap of few minutes new battery could it be the alternator or is it an electric?

Ignition switch is going bad. Will have to replace it. Because eventually the truck will not restart at all.

94 Chevy truck 4.3 it will not stay running until motor been running for awile when you put it in gear it dies?

check that choke is operating correctly

Is my ecm on your 93 Chevy truck acting up it starts then dies after 1 minute has good fuel pressure restarts everytime but dies after about the same time.?

I would replace the ignition module in the distributor. Simple job.

When your driving the highway and your truck loses all power and dies now there is water in your oil and it wont turn over?

If there is water in the oil, then the head gasket has failed.

Chevy truck tries to start but dies down after a bit as if taking a load it cannot handle why?

If a Chevy truck tries to start but then doesn't, it might be that the battery is low. Check the alternator also to make sure that battery is charging properly. Some larger motors require a larger cranking amp from the battery to start.

How do you know that you need a new alternator 93 s10?

if your truck is running and you disconect the batery and the truck dies then its the alt

If a persons owes on a truck and dies leaving no estate can the bank sue?

The bank doesn't need to sue. If the truck loan isn't paid the bank can/will repossess the truck.

Truck just dies while driving and it takes about 30 minutes before it will start again what's wrong?

Could be vapor locking, and or it could be the ignition control module inside of the distributor (vary common).

1990 Toyota corolla driving dies won't start again why?

Died while driving? Alternator

Egr 94 ford f 150 the truck is running and when you turn on the lights the truck dies immediately?

have the alternator tested or replaced

What should I do if my 2001 Jeep sport is in park and is shaking and then dies?

Tow truck.

1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when put in gear?

If a 1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when it is put into gear, check the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is not getting adequate fuel, it will cause the car to die.

What causes a car to shut down while driving?

when the engine dies

What happens when a Barn Owl Crosses your path when driving?

it dies you idiot

Can i be sued if someone dies driving my 4 wheeler?

There are a lot of factors involved and the short answer is: maybe. If someone dies driving your 4-wheeler, it is possible that Homeowner's Insurance is liable and they can possibly have a case against you.

2001 Chevy tracker drive it about 50 miles letting it idle the truck can't get gas and dies out shut it off for a few then it starts?

had the same problem,it was the camshaft positioning sensor,one was put in and haven't had any problem since

Why does my idle drop and my truck die when i stop?

If the check engine light does not come on when your truck dies it's probably the idle air control valve

How do you tell when its time to replace a fuel pump in a 1993 Grand Cherokee Larado I replaced fuel filter but my truck back fires under hood while driving or parked or dies when driving?

Check your timing I'm pretty sure fuel pumps either work or they don;t work good luck (LovinOne) I will check into that... the truck will not start now either... like it isn't getting any gas