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It is more than likely your progesterone dropping, meaning it is the end of your cycle.. BUT you never know, a positive pregnancy test is really the only true first sign. :) Hello - Not really hun. But it could be possible. Only real way to tell if your pregnant is by doing a pregnancy test if your period doesnt arrive. Good luck if your TTC. :-)

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 19:37:37
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Q: During day 15 of cycle feeling extremely fatigued and now feeling better Can this be a sign of early pregnancy?
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Are sore breasts and a burning feeling with tingling and irritated nipples signs of pregnancy?

Yes, my breast were extremely sensitive during the first twelve weeks.

When can you start feeling the baby move during pregnancy?

During the second trimester

How get rid of feeling sick during pregnancy?

Give birth

Is not being fatigued a bad sign in early pregnancy?

No. Although many people do feel very tired during early pregnancy (or at other stages during pregnancy) others do not feel this. This is fine, as symptoms vary from person to person and is not a sign that anything is wrong

This is my second pregnancy I am only about 6 weeks. I have been breathless a lot and extremely fatigued more so than the last pregnancy could something be wrong?

There probably isn't anything to worry about as these are common symptoms. Every pregnancy is different, so one set of symptoms you had in your last pregnancy, may not happen at all or as severely during this one. And vice versa. If you're overly worried, you should see your GP.

What changes takes place during the second trimester of a woman's pregnancy?

She starts feeling it.

What changes take place during the second trimester of a woman's pregnancy?

She starts feeling it.

Is extremely sore breasts during early pregnancy normal?

yes, very normal

When do you start feeling pressure in lower abdomen during pregnancy?

2nd trimester- almost into 3rd

When will I start feeling morning sickness during pregnancy?

As early as 2 to 3 weeks after you become pregnant.

What does your cervix feel like in early pregnancy?

A cervix does not necessarily feel different during early pregnancy. A firm feeling cervix that has drop lower to the usual position may be an indicator for a pregnancy, but this may also be the case during common menstrual cycles and might not be related to a pregnancy at all.

List 2 special foods given to Hmong women during pregnancy?

I know that after birth, Hmong women are only supposed to eat boiled chicken. I dont think it really matters during pregnancy if you eat the chicken or not, but its extremely important after pregnancy.

Does smoking herion affect the baby?

yes, most definetly. it's extremely dangerous for the baby during and after pregnancy.

Why is blurring of vision occur during pregnancy?

I had that happen to me and I was extremely dehydrated. You need to go get checked out as soon as possible

What is CDS used for?

CDS has proven extremely useful for evaluating the blood flow to the placenta and uterus during pregnancy

How do pregnant women feel during their second trimester?

This is my third pregnancy, and when you hit your second should be feeling great. .

Does an ectopic pregnancy have to be terminated?

Yes. if a pregnancy has started outside the uterus it cannot survive and is extremely dangerous for the mother. Well, a baby cannot survive during an ectopic pregnancy. So the pregnancy will either be terminated or the baby will be lost before it is terminated.

You are pregnant and you feel stress Is this ok?

Feeling Stress during pregnancy is not really ok.Becasue stress is a teratogen the may cause abnormalities to your child.

Can teens have an epidural during pregnancy?

during pregnancy-no during labor yes

How are you going to feel during the first week of being pregnant?

The first week of pregnancy you shouldn't feel much of anything. There usually isn't enough hormones to start feeling the early symptoms of pregnancy.

Can you ovulating during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation or menstruation during pregnancy.

Why pregnant women vomiting during pregnancy?

During early pregnancies hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) level will be so high . So pregnant women feeling vomiting sensation during early in the morning and also nausea feeling. This condition is known as Hyper Emesis Gravidum.

Is it normal to feel extremely gassy during 35 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes! Unfortunately. Just take some Gas-X or something!

What are the risks of undergoing laser hair removal treatments during pregnancy?

One should be extremely careful while undergoing laser hair removal treatments during her pregnancy. There is a feature called softlight, which is similar to laser but has a different aspect. Softlight is not harmful.

How do you know if your pregnant at 3 or 4 weeks?

Everyone's body is different during pregnancy but some of the more common signs of early pregnancy include tender breasts, feeling very tired, nausea, etc.