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this is called implantation bleeding. you are pregnant.

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Q: Early period after sex lasted 2 days?
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Your period came early and only lasted 3 days could you be pregnant?

Not if you haven't had sex since your last period.

Your period lasted only two days could you be pregnant?

it depend did you have sex

You had unprotected sex on February 1st and then got your period 5 days later on February 6th Your period was 6 days early Your period lasted longer than usual Could you be pregnant?

no...i wouldn't think so...cuz u've had ur period

If you got your period 5 days early and it only lasted 3 days when you usually have it for 6 to 7 days and you had unprotected sex the last day of your last period and 3 days before and a day before?

there is a possibility. take a test to make sure!

You had unprotected sex and two days later your period started usually your period lasts four to five days but it lasted almost eleven does that mean you had a miscarriage?

it means your vag is broked.

Novemeber 21 you came on your period it lasted for 4 days now its only been 12 days since you been off your period and im back on and its only decmember 2 and that period lasted for three days are you?

no..your not pregnant that happens sometimes after having sex or it's normal ...but it's common...your safe =)

How soon can you take a pregnanacy test?

As early as 4 days before your expected period or 19 days after sex

Can implantation bleeding occur two days after sex?

That's a bit early. It's normally around 10 days after sex, around the time your period would be

Can you be pregnant if you normally have a period for 7 days and you only had it for 3 days this time?

Yes, you can be pregnant, your period stops after pregnancy, if you recently had sex and your period stopped early you probably are pregnant.

If you got your period 5 days early and it only lasted 3 days when you usually have it for 6 to 7 days and you had unprotected sex 3 days before and a day before your period stared can you be pregnant?

Maybe, but my guess is that it was just a shorter period. Not all periods are 6 or 7 days. If you are young and have been only having a period for less than a year or two you will find that they will vary in time and flow. As you age or if you take birth control pills your periods will change.

Can you be pregnant if you got your period two days after sex?

If you have had ur period 2 days after you have had sex then your not pregneant, but if your period is late after haveing sex then you could be pregnant!

Is it to early to tell if you took a at home pregnancy test 11 days before your expected period?

Yes. It needs to be 14 days after you had sex

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