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Every thing you need to know about Joe Jonas?


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September 27, 2009 11:02PM

Hmm.. ok I'll just state some facts that I know by heart.

- FOOD: He likes BBQ Chicken topping on a pizza. He also likes Orange Gatorade, Jamba Juices, chocolate marshmallow ice cream, chicken cutlet sandwiches with mayo and Oreo cookies. He'd rather drink tea than coffee, and his favorite beverages at Starbucks are the Strawberry Frapuccino and the Lemonade. He doesn't like McDonalds, but he LOVES cheeseburgers (with ketchup and french fries inside). He also likes Japanese ice cream. Godiva, Aero and Twix chocolates are his favorites. His favorite cereal is Trix.

- CHILDHOOD: Joseph Adam Jonas was born in Casa Grande, Arizona.. probably in the Casa Grande Regional Mediacal Center, the 15th of August of 1989. His mom said he was quiet as a child, but he got in trouble often (that and Kevin always used to blame him about everything that happened) he once gave out pills to kids in the neighborhood saying they were candy, and he also got his head stuck in the railings once. He had Barney fuzzy slippers, a Barney bank and a glow-in-the-dark Barney t-shirt. He was also homeschooled from grade 7, before that he attended the Lincoln school in New Jersey.

- PERSONALITY: Joe is a funny, dorky guy. He has a great sense of humor and has been described as having an inner three year old kid inside. He loves hugs, and is a complete gentleman (he says he doesn't like to hold hands on the first date, how cute) he also is very good with children (a certified babysitter in New Jersey) and a nice person overall. He is really outgoing, and a little messy, he is usually the loudest, the one who takes longer to get ready, and the last one to wake up out of his brothers. He's also really clumsy (hence the nickname "Danger").

- PHYSICAL APPEREANCE: Joe is 5"10', he has dark (natural curly) hair, and gorgeous hazel eyes (incredibly beautiful pair of eyes, that boy has.. ok back on topic) he's caucasian, fit, his shoe size is approximately 9½ to 10.

- FAMILY: He has one older sibling (Paul Kevin Jonas II) and two younger siblings (Nicholas Jerry Jonas and Franklin Nathaniel Jonas) his parents are Denise (sign language teacher) and Kevin Jonas (a minister). He had a dog, Coco, that passed away in 2008. He is of Irish, Italian, American and German descent. His family is Christian. He has family in Arizona, New Jersey and North Carolina. He currently resides in Texas.

- GIRLS: Joe likes girls who act naturally, and also don't wear A LOT of makeup or lip gloss, he likes girls that aren't afraid of standing out with their clothes and girls that dress decently. He says he focuses on the girls' eyes and smile (lips). He prefers girls who understand his crazy schedule and the ones who laugh at his jokes (even if they're not funny) and girls with similar personality to him. Also of course girls with the same morals & beliefs.

*There's a lot more to this wonderful boy, but I don't think I could make it fit into here.

SOURCE: Ultimate Joe Jonas fan.