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Test for Cyanuric Acid, this is what causes "Chlorine Lock" however, usually you have the opposite result. High test readings, with no positive effect. The only way to correct this is to physically drain water from the pool and add new. The best way to avoid this problem in the future is to buy higher grade chlorine and shock.

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What are the chemicals in pool water?

clorine and depending on certain pools salt water.

What mineral is in table salt?

Table salt is Halite and the chemicals are Na- Sodium and Cl - Clorine (Chemical Formula - NaCl)

Is polythene toxic?

Polythene on it's own is not toxic. But when mixed with other chemicals such as clorine, it can produce harmfull gassess such a carbon monoxide.

Who has a higher electronagativity sodium or chlorine?

clorine clorine

Is clorine a metal?

Clorine is never been a metal

What is the chemical symbol of clorine?

Cl is the chemical symbol of clorine.

What are the effects of bleach on your body?

the effects are your skin becomes yellow and ichty and smells of clorine Death because it cleans out everything.

What is the difference between total residual chlorine and free chlorine?

Basically total clorine in a pool is the total clorine that is in the pool (even the part that has been used to oxidize various contaminants). Free clorine is the total amount of clorine available to be used as an oxidizing agent. In a clean pool these amounts should be the same but as a pool accumulates contamanents the amount of total clorine will be higher than free clorine. It is best to shock the pool to eliminate all contaminants and get the total and free clorine levels back in balance.

Does the ocean have clorine?


At what time of the day should I add clorine for swimming pool maintenance?

Most authorities advise adding chlorine (and other chemicals) in the evening. I would not add any chemicals during the hottest part of the day or when the sun is beating down. Most people prefer to add pool chemicals at night after they're through with the pool so the chemicals can work overnight.

How many gallons of clorine do you put in a pool?

my pool is concret it 13800 gallons how many gallons of clorine should go in if no clorine is in it

How do you spell clorine?


I have got a goldfish about a week ago and now the tank needs cleaning but I heard tap water iis bad for them so what water do I need and where do I get it from?

Use unclorinated water this can be done by A buying chemicals that remove the clorine or by leaving water in a bucket on a deck and letting it sit for a while like 48 hours which should allow the clorine to evaporate

What is clorine?

It stuff you find in pools

Can helium physicaly react with clorine?


Why would your daughter break out in hives when she swims in a school or public pool?

probably allergic to high clorine or pool pH imbalance.AnswerI'd check to see if she was allergic to chlorine or the other chemicals in the water.

What is the difference between carbon dioxide sodium chloride?

The difference between carbon Dioxide and sodium clorine is that sodium clorine is h2o and then...

What type of chemical could you add to a swimming pool to increase the pH of the water?

Clorine: Clorine forms a strong acid when mixed with H2O.

How many elements are in clorine?

chlorine is an element

Does clorine kill water fleas?


What element kills bacteria in water?


What is the family name for clorine?

Chlorine is a halogen.

Do fake nails come off in chlorine?

Ya fake nails will come off in clOrine because the clorine with make the nails fall of and float away

Why is Cl- larger than Cl?

As one electron is addded to the clorine, repulsion among the electrons are higher => and repulsion makes the clorine anion bigger.

Does chlorine dissolve in water and how can you tell?

yes clorine dissolve in water in periodic table clorine is the 7th a group of periodic table all 7th group ( bromine iodine astatine clorine and iodine) are the collectively known as salt produsing eliments it used in sterilization of water

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