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probably allergic to high clorine or pool pH imbalance.

AnswerI'd check to see if she was allergic to chlorine or the other chemicals in the water.
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What is in seedless watermelon that would make someone break out in hives?

There is nothing necessarily in the watermelon that would make someone break out in hives. They might be allergic to watermelon and this would be why they broke out in hives.

Can smoking cigarettes cause hives?

Yes they can. I break out in hives if I smoke a menthol cigarette and the funny thing is is that I smoked a year until I broke out into hives and that was the reason.

Can a tongue break out in hives?

It depends on the person but it does swell.

Why do I have a cold and then break out in hives on my arms?

Because you're sick.

Why did Morphine sulfate through IV drip break in hives?

allergic reaction

What can become irritated and break out in a rash or hives as a result of an allergic reaction?


What happens if you shove a marker up your nose?

you start getting a stuffy tongue and break out in hives

How big can a mosquito bite get?

i depends on if your allergic to mosquito's or not if you are you'll break out in hives. but if not the size of a dime to a quarter.

Are hives a symptom of strep throat?

Yes, it Can be in some cases. 2 times my daughter has had strep and in both cases she did not show the classic main symptoms of strep. She only had a horrible case of hives. No sore throat or high fever. Her stomach would feel sick no and then. After 5 days of the hives I brought her in and it was strep.

Can hives lead to lupus?

No hives do not lead to or cause lupus, but lupus can cause hives.

Why did an Australian school recently ban high hives and hugs?

because they are aLL MEN AND THAT IS WRONG

How can you treat hives?

You can take benadryl for hives.

What STD causes hives?

Hives are not cause by an std, hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction.

What causes rash on baby that looks like ant bites but comes and goes in different areas?

The rashes that looks like ant bite are hives.Hives occur when the body releases a chemical called histamine. There are so many possible reasons for hives that you may have trouble identifying the culprit. Here are the most likely ones:Insect bites and stings. If your child is allergic to bees or fire ants, for example, he could develop hives in reaction to being stung or bitten.Food. Your child might get hives in reaction to something he eats. The most likely foods to offend are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans), soybeans, wheat, fish, and shellfish. Certain food additives and preservatives can also trigger hives. Your child may break out in hives because he's allergic to the protein in the food, or simply because his body reacts to a chemical in the food by releasing histamine. Some children even develop hives simply from coming into contact with certain foods - for example, when the juice from a strawberry gets on their skin.Allergens: Children who have developed an allergy to cats may break out in hives when they touch a cat. Your child may even react with hives to an allergen in the air, like pollen.Illness. Your child might get hives when he has a cold or other viral infection. Less commonly, he may get hives when he has a bacterial infection.Temperature. Sometimes cold temperatures cause hives. The same goes for a sudden change in temperature - such as when your child's skin warms up after being cold.Drugs. Antibiotics and some other medications might cause your child to break out in hives.GOOD LUCK

Are hives contagious?

Hives are not contagious. Someone has an allergic reaction, and that WILL cause hives. If you do not have an allergy you will not react the same.

Is it Hive the Hive Hives or The Hives for the band they sing a song on the matrix album Ultrasonic Sound?

the hives

Can cat cause hives?

Yes. Hives are an allergic reaction. If you have a cat allergy then you may get hives as a reaction.

Do hives go away?

Not really sure, what do you mean by hives? If you mean bee hives then you will never get the answer not from me anyway

Can staph cause hives?

Can staph cause , hives .

What country do The Hives come from?

Hives come from Colorado

What are wasps hives?

Hives are habitats where wasps live.

Can a high creatinine level in kidneys cause hives?

A lot of different things can cause hives, including this. Yes, this can cause hives. You should see a doctor if hives continue.

When did Harry Hives die?

Harry Hives died in 1974.

When was Harry Hives born?

Harry Hives was born in 1901.

When was Tyrannosaurus Hives created?

Tyrannosaurus Hives was created in 2003.

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