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I have exactly the same problem on my 88 Chevy 1/2 ton CK. The first place I want to look is the front axle actuator but I don't know where it is.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:40:11
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Q: Everytime the 4 wheel drive is put on it blows a fuse and the 4 wheel drive and the dome light will not work what is causing this?
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Step on the brakes and blows tail light fuse?

If your tail light is blowing a fuse everytime you step on the brakes there maybe a faulty or crossed wire. Have your mechanic check it out to be sure.

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows will the lamp still work?

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows the lamp will not work.

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The SES is used for many, many things. You need to determine what is causing the light before anyone can answer.

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Why is your light on 2001 Jeep Wrangler?

If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.

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If the CEL is not flashing-it's probably ok to drive. If the CEL is flahing - it's probably not ok.

How do I turn off the Battery light on Chevy uplander?

Repair the problem with the charging system causing the light to come on.Repair the problem with the charging system causing the light to come on.

What is causing the drive light to blink on Honda CR-V?

If you are referring to the letter "D" (for Drive) - it is a warning indicator of a problem with the transmission. Get it to a shop that can read the trouble codes from the OBD computer to see what the problem is.

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Is there anyway you can check your check engine light to see what the problem is without taking it to the shop 1999 grand marquise?

Your light can come on from the gas tank cap not being screwed on all the way. Drive it for a few tanks and make sure the cap is all the way on everytime and the light may go out by itself.

What causes the fuse to pop everytime you press on the brake pedal?

A short in the Brake light circuit? Bad brake light switch?

Why is indoor light fixture hot to the touch and light bulbu blows?

See related links; this should shed some light :P

Why does the battery light stay on in reverse in a 94 Taurus and turns of soon as it goes in drive?

Something is wrong in the 94 Taurus reverse light circuit. There is probably a short causing the battery voltage to drop when the car is in reverse.

Brake light circuit problem?

brake lgiht fuse blows when shifting gears?

Why does your service 4 wheel drive light come on when you engage 4 wheel drive?

The light that comes on when 4 wheel drive is engaged is not the service light. It is just an indicator light that comes on to let you know the 4 wheel drive is engaged. It will go off when the 4 wheel drive is disengaged.

How do you reset Toyota air bag warning light?

Fix the problem. It retests everytime you turn the key on.

Can a rear end collision damage the transmission?

it is possible to damage the transmission in a rear end collision. this is especially possible in rear wheel drive vehicles. even in a light rear end collision with a rear wheel drive vehicle can shove the drive shaft into the transmission causing serious problems.

2001 Firebird hazard light fuse blows when I press on the brake pedal and then the brake lights do not light up?

you need to get a bigger fuse

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it either blows up or worn out

Why does your Chrysler Sebring emergency brake light turns on everytime you brake?

Check your brake fluid, probably low.

Why does fog light fuse blow in 1999 Toyota 4Runner Everytime I try to replace the bulb or the unit itself the fuse blows the instant I turn on the fog lights?

You have a dead short in the wiring somewhere. It can also be the socket that one of the bulbs screws into is corroded or shorted out. You will have to inspect all the wiring to the fog lights and find the short.