Example of a field that might be used in a database about students?

A database is a collection of information about a particular group, for example students. The person creating the database must decide what fields they need. For a student database, you'd definitely need each student's name, address, city, state, and parent's telephone number. And, depending on your needs, you might want to list at least 1 parent's name. The rest of the fields would depend on the purpose of your database.

Let's say it's a 10th grade science class in which students must do 5 experiments, create a poster for the Table of Elements, prepare 2 class presentations, and write 2 papers (1 being 8 pages and 1 being 10 pages). In addition, you must record which students returned a signed parent's permission slip in order to attend a science Expo in Washington, D.C., plus you wanted to keep track of which students are entered into the Science Fair. Therefore, you'd have at least 13 fields for the items I listed (including the 5 separate fields for experiment1, experiment2, experiment3, etc.)