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Example of soft copy?

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Well it's any electronic copy of some form of data. For example Microsoft Word.

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Is headphones hard copy or soft copy?

Headphones are an example of hardware, as they are physical objects that can be picked up and interacted with manually.Hard copy and soft copy are types of output. Hard copy is printed material, such as books or magazines. Soft copy is digital output, such as an image on a computer screen.

Example soft copy of computerized inventory system of a bookstore?


Is CD a hard copy or soft copy?

cd is soft copy.

Hard copy and soft copy?

hard copy tangibal and soft copy intangibal

Difference between soft and hard copy?

Soft copy is an electronic copy, hard copy is a paper copy.

What computer part produces a soft copy?

A soft copy is an electronic copy. So if you are using MS Word for example you'd have a .doc file when you save a version of your document. A hard copy is a physical copy of your document i.e. when you print your document and you have a piece of paper in your hand.

What is soft copy?

A soft copy is the unprinted digital document file.

How do you do soft copy?

Copy it softly.

Which output device produces soft copy output?

the soft copy proccesser

What is a soft copy and a hard copy?

A soft copy is a document saved on your computer. A hard copy is a document that is on paper or is otherwise printed out.

Examples of hard copy and soft copy?

hend riting to peper is hard copy and computers document file is soft copy

What is the difference between hard copy and soft copy to do with computers?

soft copy is when you view the copy on your computer screen (a computer file) hard copy is when you print it out to have a physical copy of it

What are 2 examples of devices that produce hard copy and soft copy data?

hard copy - printer soft copy - monitor, speakers

What is the difference between soft hard candy?

The main difference between hard copy and soft copy is that soft copy is software of computer whereas hard copy is hardware or parts of computer

What is a soft copy?

soft copy is the type of output which is temporary.for eg:computer moniter screen

How do you make soft copy of hard copy?

A hard copy is usually a printed version of a digital file, also known as a soft copy. To make a hard copy of a soft copy file you would need to scan and upload it as a digital file.

What is difference between hard and soft copy of computer?

soft copy is nothing but file or image,savable copy to system, hard copy is nothing but physical copy

What is hard and soft copy?

a hard copy is the printed material and the soft copy is the material saved in your computer, disc or USB.

How do you get Soft copy of Pan card?

how do i get pan card soft copy with pan card number

What are examples of hard copy and soft copy?

soft copy can provide the meaning of hard copy and telling to push on and push off like something its doesnt have to.

What is the printed copy of data called?

soft copy

What kind of copy is displayed on the monitor?

Soft Copy.

What is the difference between hard and soft copy data?

Hard copy is printed on paper. Soft copy is data on your screen, or saved in a file.

Is a plotter soft copy or hard copy?

The output from a plotter is hard copy!

You want to see soft copy of pancard?

I want my soft copy of pan card how can it get plz say the links

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