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Bad wheel bearing if you are referring to a grinding noise. A squeak can be many things. Loose Power Steering belt for one.

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Q: Excluding the brakes why would a 92 Honda sometimes have a high pitch squeak when turning but not when turning the wheels when the car is stopped?
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Why does your SUV sometimes jump forward when stopped?

It probally is the transmission or your brakes could be slipping.

Why does your car 2001 civic shake or idle roughly as you apply brakes and approach a stop and then recover to normal a few seconds after stopped and sometimes seems worse when turning and stopping?

Check for a vacuum leak

Brakes pulsate and vibrate when stopping it is worse if you are turning while braking?

For the brakes, check for warped rotors. For the turning, check for worn CV joints.

Why Car shakes when stopped on brakes?

You went thru a deep puddle with hot brakes. The disc gets doused in cold water and warps.

What energy changes takes place when a moving car is stopped by brakes?

potential energy

Adjustment of rear brakes on 1997 Saturn sl2?

Your 1997 Saturn rear brakes are equipped with adjustment screws. Turning the adjustment screw will adjust the brakes. The brakes should adjust themselves automatically every time you back up and hit the brakes.

Grinding noise while turning?

The brake pad clearance is quite close and sometimes turning will result in a light scraping of the brakes against the rotor. If that happens it's usually an indication that the brakes are worn. A wheel bearing can also be worn and be most noticeable when turning. Faulty CV joints can be noisy when turning as well. If you have oversized tires or non-standard wheels the tires can rub against the fender. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more specific information without seeing/hearing the vehicle.

How do you install emergency brakes on a 91 camaro?

your rear brakes are your emergency brakes. if your handle is coming up to much you need new brakes most likely or sometimes just an adjustment.

1991 dodge dynasty abs brakes stopped working?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS Scanner

Did the Jewish people ever get brakes from work in the concerntrasion camp?

NO if they stopped they would get beaten or killed

What makes a car make a squealing sound when you are driving or turning?

If your car makes a squealing sound when you are turning it is because your brakes have worn out. When the brakes wear down below a certain point, a wire pops loose. That makes a squeaking sound.

Why does your 1996 mustang make a popping noise when turning?

Inspect the steering components, suspension, and brakes.

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