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Bad wheel bearing if you are referring to a grinding noise. A squeak can be many things. Loose Power Steering belt for one.

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Q: Excluding the brakes why would a 92 Honda sometimes have a high pitch squeak when turning but not when turning the wheels when the car is stopped?
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Why does your SUV sometimes jump forward when stopped?

It probally is the transmission or your brakes could be slipping.

Why does your car 2001 civic shake or idle roughly as you apply brakes and approach a stop and then recover to normal a few seconds after stopped and sometimes seems worse when turning and stopping?

Check for a vacuum leak

Brakes pulsate and vibrate when stopping it is worse if you are turning while braking?

For the brakes, check for warped rotors. For the turning, check for worn CV joints.

Why Car shakes when stopped on brakes?

You went thru a deep puddle with hot brakes. The disc gets doused in cold water and warps.

Grinding noise while turning?

The brake pad clearance is quite close and sometimes turning will result in a light scraping of the brakes against the rotor. If that happens it's usually an indication that the brakes are worn. A wheel bearing can also be worn and be most noticeable when turning. Faulty CV joints can be noisy when turning as well. If you have oversized tires or non-standard wheels the tires can rub against the fender. Unfortunately, I can't give you any more specific information without seeing/hearing the vehicle.

Adjustment of rear brakes on 1997 Saturn sl2?

Your 1997 Saturn rear brakes are equipped with adjustment screws. Turning the adjustment screw will adjust the brakes. The brakes should adjust themselves automatically every time you back up and hit the brakes.

What energy changes takes place when a moving car is stopped by brakes?

potential energy

How do you install emergency brakes on a 91 camaro?

your rear brakes are your emergency brakes. if your handle is coming up to much you need new brakes most likely or sometimes just an adjustment.

What makes a car make a squealing sound when you are driving or turning?

If your car makes a squealing sound when you are turning it is because your brakes have worn out. When the brakes wear down below a certain point, a wire pops loose. That makes a squeaking sound.

1991 dodge dynasty abs brakes stopped working?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS Scanner

Did the Jewish people ever get brakes from work in the concerntrasion camp?

NO if they stopped they would get beaten or killed

Why does your 1996 mustang make a popping noise when turning?

Inspect the steering components, suspension, and brakes.

How abs brakes work?

by increasing the friction ABS brakes have the same friction as standard brakes, the way they work is to release the brake force to a wheel that stops turning preventing lock up and loss of steering control.

What are brake chambers?

On an air brake system, the brake chamber is what actuates the air brakes... it converts air pressure to mechanical force, either turning an S-cam (on foundation brakes), or actuating a caliper (on disc brakes).

How do you know when a power booster is bad?

Generally the brake pedal gets harder to push when braking. You may also hear a vacuum leak when the brakes are applied. And sometimes the will engine idle rough when stopped and holding the brake pedal.

Does Auto Zone offer specials on their brakes?

Yes, AutoZone sometimes offers discounts on their brakes. However, it is not all the time and if you need brakes I would just buy them full price.

Why does my 2003 Saturn vue shake at 40-50 mph?

I needed new brakes when my 2003 Vue shook at 50mph. Once I had the back brakes changed the shaking stopped.

How do you tell when to replace brakes?

you can tell when your breaks start to Squeak or the car wont slow down when turning

Just brought a ford ka 1999 and have noticed the front two tires were smoking from overheating when you came to a stop Any ideas odf what this could bepossible repair costs?

only reason tyres will smoke , is if you lockedbrakes up so tyres stopped turning

Can abs brakes be slower?

Anti lock brakes are not designed to cut down on the stopping distance. Their purpose is to allow the driver to maintain steering ability during a panic stop. Imagine coming up over a hill, and as you go over the crest, you see a stopped car on the road, and you are going too fast to stop in time, but all you can really do is to stand on the brake pedal with all your weight while trying to dodge. Without anti lock brakes, the act of turning the wheel would likely just cause your car to continue in the same direction, but turning sideways, until you hit the car ahead of you in a reverse T-bone, or you might roll. With Anti lock brakes, the act of turning the wheel will actually allow you to steer around the car as you are coming to a stop, thereby avoiding a collision.

Brakes pulse at end when almost stopped?

Front rotors warped or out of round. Have rotors turned and that will fix your problems.

A motor vehicle with good brakes going 50 mph can be stopped within how many feet?

133 ft

What causes Right front tire area to make deep grinding sound making an extreme righ turn?

Have your brakes checked, rust or wear on brakes can cause grinding when turning.

Why does myour car shack when you are stopped?

if you car shakes when its fully stopped it may be the harmonic balancer, take it to a garage. is it shakes only when you are braking while stopping than have you brakes checked

Why are some tractor trailer tires painted white on less than half the tire?

Brakes can freeze on in the winter after the truck has been stopped for awhile. This can cause wheels to skid ruining the tires. The stripe painted on the tire makes it easier for the driver to see that all his wheels are turning.