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Expansion for Mouse?

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It is something like this. "Moving optimal user interface equipment".

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What are the Examples of Shared Hardware components?

hard drive sound card motherboard RAM video card computer case monitor optical drive keyboard mouse power supply SATA expansion card audio/ visual input expansion card USB expansion card 10/ 100/1000 NIC

What are ten example of computer hardware?

Examples of computer hardware are: Hard drive Sound Card Motherboard RAM Video Card Computer Case Monitor Optical Drive Keyboard Mouse Power Supply SATA Expansion Card Audio/Visual input expansion card USB Expansion card 10/100/1000 NIC

How do you know if a baby mouse is a mouse?

Is the mother a mouse? Is the father a mouse? Then yes, it is a mouse.

Is mikey mouse a mouse?

Mikey mouse is a mouse a awesome one

What are the types of mouse?

these are theoptical mousewireless mousemechanical mouse

How did the expansion of conquered people affect Rome's expansion?

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What kind of mouse?

Danger mouse, jerry mouse, micky mouse... take your pick!

What is the difference between a mouse and a mole mouse?

A mouse is bigger and a mole mouse is smaller.

What is the German word for 'mouse'?

mouse = Maus

Will the mother mouse abandon the babies if you touch them?

If the mouse is a pet mouse and not a wild mouse, no. The pet mouse will not have the fear of human scent.

What are some words to describe a mouse?

what type of mouse? a computer mouse or a mouse, if a mouse I would say sneaky, and squeaky if a computer mouse it would be moveable and very still.

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Why was Mickey Mouse a mouse?

The reason Mickey Mouse is a mouse is because after the loss of Oswald The Rabbit the image of a mouse appeared in the back of his head. A mouse was sort of sympathetic character in spite of the fact that everyone is afraid of a mouse.

A mouse that connects to the computer by using a mouse bus card that provides a PS 2 mouse port is called a mouse?

Motherboard Mouse

What is the plural of 'mouse pad' on a computer?

Answer: The plural of "mouse" is "mouse units" Another answer: The plural of "mouse pad" is "mouse pads".

What is Disney first mouse?

MICKEY MOUSE was the first mouse

Why is the animal mouse called a mouse?

because its mother is a mouse.

What slide the mouse around the mouse pad?

mouse ball

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Why do the traditional mouse requires a mouse pad?

Under the mouse there is a laser that senses the movements of the mouse and with a mouse pad the mouse glides along the ground better and has a better reading of the movements

Where can I buy a new mouse pad?

Shop for mice and mice pads or a wireless mouse, optical mouse, wireless mobile mouse, mouse trackball, air mouse or a scroll wheel mouse at any office supplies store.

Why is the mouse on computer called mouse?

Because the first ever mouse was shaped like a real mouse

Use the word mouse as an adjective?

You can use mouse as an adjective by saying mouse trap or mouse hole.

What is the difference between the apple mouse and the apple magic mouse?

The Apple Mouse does not have multitouch as the magic mouse does