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Explain in details the importance of memory to the system?

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If we didnt have memory then we would have no feelings or emotion !!

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What is an operating system Explain different components of the operating system in detail?

explain the different components of operating system in details

Explain memory management as a technique in operating system?

Memory management is atechnique by which we can manage our computer memory and data in a systematcally way.

Explain the importance of modem in operating system?

poda dai vennai

Why is threading important in the Online Learning System .?

EXplain the importance of threading messeges in the online system?

Explain the role of memory cells in the immune system?

Memory cells divide into plasma cells that produce the right antibody.

What is the importance of database management system?

explain referential integrity and cascade up data ?

Describe 2 cultural contributions of the Phoenicians and explain their importance?

system of writing and the alphabet<3

Explain volatile and non volatile memory?

Volatile memory means when the system power is off the data is lost.Where as non volatile means the data is not lost when the system is powered off.

What is the advantage of storing information in primary memory rather than secondary memory?

The details stored on the RAM will only be gone when the system is spoilt but the ROM, the CD or flash drive can get lost and vital details will be lost. Yomi

Draw the block diagram of ram and explain its operation?

Memory is technically any form of electronic storage. Personal computer system have a hierarchical memory structure consisting of auxiliary memory (disks), main memory (DRAM) and cache memory (SRAM). A design objective of computer system architects is to have the memory hierarchy work as through it were entirely comprised of the fastest memory type in the system.

Importance of computer memory to the computer system?

It is very important. When a Computer starts up, the Operating System gets loaded into the Memory. Once every while, the System checks the Memory to quickly access certain programs, only if that program has been loaded into Memory. Buying Memory for your Computer also increases the speed at which your system may perform, or rather, load programs. More Memory means more space for your system to process with. [NOTE: Not talking about Storage Space, but system cache.]

Maximum addressable Memory addressable by CPU?

Not possible to answer the question. You need to provide more details. To be precise, the maximum addressable memory is limited by the memory controller, not the CPU, and can be further limited by the operating system.

Write a note on memory of computer?

1 what is computer memory 2 explain information system. discuss various information systems available in any organization.

How do you delete flip-notes on flipnote studio?

if you have it saved on system memory or sd card you go to details and hit delete

What is Chache memory and how can it be used?

The chache memory is a memory that mostly resides inside the processor's chip, this will make the processing a lot faster because the memory (chache) is nearer that the main memory of the system. btw, chache is a mispelling of cache, go to for more details.

What is the importance of the RAM on your computer?

RAM or Random Access Memory, is the memory that your computer system uses to store the data of all open programs and applications. When the systems boots up, the operating system is loaded into RAM, so a computer can not function without it.

Importance of system and network administration?

Importance of system administration

Importance of security in operating system?

1)what is importance of security in operating system? 2)explain about management devices in OS? Devices in OS? 3)Discuss about security concepts in OS? 4)Differnt types of memories available in OS?

Explain the components of operating system?

There are several components of the operating system which facilitate the proper functioning of a computer system. The main component if the kernel which is broken down into CPU, memory and other devices.

Importance of learning information system?

what is Importance of learning Information System?

Importance of programming in system development?

importance of programming in system development

Memory system in the brain?

The limbic system in the brain is responsible for memory.

Explain the concept of virtual memory and why it is needed?

In order to free up space in memory, an operating system with a virtual memory capability transfers data that is not immediately needed from memory to the HDD; when that data is needed again, it is copied back into memory. That is, when all of the RAM is being used (e.g., if there are many programs open simultaneously or if one very large program is in use), a computer with virtual memory enabled will swap data to the HDD and back to memory as needed, thus, in effect, increasing the total system memory.

What is the memory of computer system?

drivec is for the memory

Does the 512KB Mac Video RAM only upgrade my video memory, not my system memory?

That's correct, it will upgrade your video memory and not your system memory.