Black Bears

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Black bears are common bear native to North America. They are the smallest bear on the continent.
Black bears prey on small mammals.
Most black bears live throughout North America, From Canada toMexico, and at least 40 states in the US.
a black bear can go 9mph
yes! they eat meat and grass's
They are born after a few months
It consist of many types of plants and animals. Though it is classified as a carnivore, most of its diet is plant material. It will consume roots, berries, grubs, fish, worms, insects, or anything it can find.
The hibirnate in a cave or somewhere they're protected from the snow.
Black bears have 13 ribs. The uneven number is due to a defense mechanism that is installed in black bears at birth.
they Cary them on there backs and feed them until they are old enogh to take care of them self
Alaska doesn't have black bears....
bears eat rotting carcasses of animals that died of disease or whatever.I don't think it is good for humane consumption
Black bears have adapted to eat many kinds of food. They use theirclaws to get food and to walk and climb. They also eat a majorityof their food whole, so they don't have to waste time chewing.
About how long is a black bear
Black bears are not herbivores.
how do a black bear act
Probably in a bear pool hall or stealing from your garage.
Brown bears hunt black bears.
That isn't a subspecies. Black bears differ in color. Most are black, but some are brown, and a few are cream colored. For the most part, these differences can exist between individuals of the same subspecies (although the subspecies Ursus Americanus Cinnamomum is known for being reddish brown),...
Yes it did. After they human the flea was feeding off died, the flea would find the next warm-blooded living thing which might have been a dog, cat or farm animal. Hope this helps!
Yes, they are. They can get quite big too. A study shows there are more aggressive attacks on humans caused by black bears than grizzly bears and polar bears. Most violent attacks by black bears on humans are rather predatory than territorial. Black bears arent easily intimidated as some people...
Probably half the size of a grizzly or smaller
They find a stream, lake, river, or big puddle and just drink.
Just man. And maybe other black bears.
No natural predators with the exception of man.
Black bears hunt fish berries ect bears sleep bears sometimes attack humans
A black bear's natural enemies are grizzly bears and wolves; however, men and dogs are also enemies to black bears. All bears seem to lack the ability to commit to a target, so even two dogs can run the largest of bears to a state of exhaustion. Polar bears have been known to get over-heated and...
what is the weight of a black bear???????? probaly 900lbs!!!!
A black bear is not an Australian animal. There are no bears which are native to Australia (a koala is not a bear).
An adult black bear is between 4 and 6 feet in length and 2.5 to 3 feet in shoulder height.
there are about 500,000 left oh no!
They live with other black bears
It is estimated that up to 90 percent of all black bear-inflicted deaths are motivated by predatory drive, that is the bear killed the person in order to eat them. If a black bear begins following or stalking you, yelling and throwing rocks at the bear will sometimes discourage it and cause it to...
They aren't rare several populations live around the world The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is North America's most common species of bear. In both Canada and the US the population is stable as the animal can make a living in almost any circumstances, eating a wide range of foods and not...
look for food,sit in the forest or cave ,and go to sleep
A black mini grizzly bear. Honestly they're adorable.
black bears can swim underwater
black bears sleep 24 7 never stop mostly in the winter
A bear heat can be really big and the things that i am saying its true
In the early spring. For Northern Canada that is March - April.
They are endangered in Florida, Louisiana, Misissippi, and Texas. Poaching and habitat loss are the two biggest factors in the decreasing numbers of Black Bears.
Yes, because black bears have a size advantage and more strength than cougars. If cougars try to attack or kill black bears for any reason at all, the black bears would swipe or claw at them with their sharp claws, or deliver a fatal bite with their powerful jaws. However, a cougar may have an upper...
there are an infinite amount of black bears in Yellowstone, they are sent from the homeland to Yellowstone each year to inhabit and mate and create more black bears thus creating a HUGE population of black bears.
The American black bear is a common species, not endangered at all.
The Kermode bear is a subspecies of the black bear, unique in that around 10% of these bears are white.
Simply a race of the very common black bear, they are in no danger at this time.
I think the best way is to leave them alone and just support efforts to maintain their habitat.
Black bear weight tends to vary according to age, sex, health and season. Seasonal variation in weight is very pronounced: in autumn, their pre-den weight tends to be 30% higher than in spring, when black bears emerge from their dens. Black bears on the
The adult American Black Bear ( Ursus americanus ) can grow to weigh 600 lbs, but smaller subspecies reach only 100 lbs. The black bear cub at birth weighs only 10-14 ounces, but by the time they leave the den for the first time they have grown to 4-8 lbs. The Asian Black Bear ( Ursus thibetanus )...
The gestation period lasts 235 days, and litters are usually born in late January to early February. Litters usually consist of 2 cubs, though litters of 6 have been recorded. At birth, cubs weigh 10-16 ounces, and measure 8 inches in length.
Yes, there are brown bears in Finland.
Well a mongoose is about the size of a ferret and a black bear isabout half the size of a grizzly bear, so in a fight the black beawill obviously win.
Full grown, they average about 3' tall, 5' in length, and can exceed 300 pounds.
none black bears have no offspring in one year
Becuase there nature allows them to and there cool like that, mmmhmmm
Depends on the age of the cub.
Black bears eat meat ,fruit , and other things that they can get there paws on in the wild
Black bears typically hibernate from December to March, (3 to 5 months) but in some areas will sleep longer (up to seven months) when it is cold and the abundance of food is limited. Females that are pregnant will hibernate longer than males.
they get water from streams and rivers
No animal can see in the absence of light. Some animals are adapted to using very low levels of light to see (cats, owls etc.) bears fall into this category. Bear's eyes have a reflective layer called the "tapetum lucidum" lining the back of the eyeball. This layer reflects light back through the...
Bears (Black or Grizzly) are omnivorous and opportunistic Predator's. This means they like to eat sweets (flowers and things like that) The scavenge for meat and if they are given opportunity they can attack and kill other animals. The thing is that bears have poor eye sight and their sense of smell...
They are quite smart, able to figure out how to manipulate their paws, claws and teeth to get at the food they want to eat. A black bear's paws are more curved than a grizzly's enabling it to be able to actively hunt and kill animals like deer to eat. They can often smell food and scents at a...
because a conivore is and they are meant to be out side not in you houses
Ursus americanus is the scientific name for an American black bear it is also the Latin name
You can find them in places like mountains or a forest places where they can sneak attack there prey
Similar to dogs, bear cubs grow into their paws. In other words, their paws are relatively large in comparison to the young animal's size at first. The hind leg paws are larger and longer than the front paws. For EXCELLENT pictures of these tracks as well as other North American native species,...
The average size of a male black bear is about 125-550 and the average size for a female black bear is about 90-275 adult black bears are usually around 4-6 feet in length and 2.5-3 feet in shoulder height
No black bears eat berries,honey,grubs, and ants more than they do moths because there easier to get a hold of than moths are
Usually surrounded by the fat of the land. In forrests, and where there is plenty of dark soil filled with nutrients for the growth of plants.
Black Bears have no predators...except humans.. Brown Bears have been known to kill Black Bears, especially small ones. A large pack of wolves can and have killed Black Bears before. People don't realize but the majority of mature Black Bear sows weigh between 150 to 250 lbs. Young Black Bears that...
Black bears are not endangered in North America.
They mainly live in heavily forested areas. But they are able toadapt well to diverse habitats such as mountains, swampy areas,abandoned fields, hardwood forest, softwood forest, mixed forest,mountain laurel thickets, logged areas, and cornfields. So no notjungels.
For a non-fiction: Black Bears, Black Bear Facts, Interesting BlackBears. Fiction: Heavenly Black Bears, Shy Bear, and Bear of theDarkness.
A black bear survived a forest fire and became known as Smoky the Bear. He became a national sensation at the time.
Black bears weigh about 200 kilograms
I think yes if they had nothing else to eat....
Typically blackbears can live up to 30 years in the wild but most die before theyare in their early 20s. This is because of their diet..
about only 5 feet and up to 250 pounds.
well first of all you were supposed to use the word reproduce instead of reproduct...moron.. but the way black bears reproduce is by sexual reproduction, the male gets behind the female and begins to thrust.
Depends on what species of "black" bear you're referring to.
a black bear on the average weighs about any where from 300 to 500 lb .
A good name for a black bear is Blackberry.