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Disney Cruise Line was founded in 1994 and brought the magic of Disney to the seas. With four cruise ships, one being the third largest in the world, Disney has truly been able to capture everything Disney and sail it out on the ocean.
they are both it is just up to you what one you like and wich one you do not like
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The CEO of Disney Cruise Line is Karl Holz
Nope! (Thank goodness). It is owned by Disney Corporation which isbased in Florida.
Abut 1200 cause fallii of 4 would cost tat much
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The cast of 'So Random' will be on that cruise.
Just left the Disney Wonder cruise. I asked while aboard. There are 900 crew members on the ship for 2700 passengers. as much as possible, cruise ships like to set a good ratio of crew to passenger to make the ride more satisfying and fun.. some has a 2 is to 1 ratio. 1 crew for 2 passenger
No they are ass-holes who swear at children and chuck any pets caught on-board their ships into the water
Disney Cruise Lines is owned by the Walt Disney Company - ticker symbol (DIS)
It varies according to dates, itineraries, and cabin selection. Watch for their promotions and you can save quite a bit. They have a Kids Sail Free promotion the run, as well as various onboard credit promos too.
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There are only aquaducks on the Dream and Fantasy boats. The aqua duck is 765 feet long.
The first Disney Ship was the Disney Magic. The Disney Wonder came after, then the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy will set sail on its Maiden Voyage in Feburary 2012
The Disney Magic was the first cruise ship, followed by Disney Wonder. Disney Dream just launched and Disney Fantasy will be released in 2012.
Each cruise is different, so you need to go to their website tofind out.
No, because they are entirely different and you cannot usually intermingle the parks and the cruises.
Both are the best ~While both are very good, it all depends on what you are looking for. I will admit, my personal opinion is that the Fantasy is better. BUT, that is not the case with all people The Dream goes on 3- 4- and 5-day cruises while the Fantasy goes on 7-day ones. The Fantasy has some...
I recently went on a Disney cruise, and it was the second one I've been on. The food is amazing, the service is great, the excursions were fantastic, and there was always something to do while you were on the cruise. I would definitely recommend the Disney Cruise Line.
Yes but it cost a lot of money so I would recommend to not get it. You do get two wave phones which you can use to call and text but only with other wave phones.
Yes, Disney will expand for a 5th ship. Disney Cruise Line Cast Members will tell that Disney plans to create 6 ships in total.
Disney Cruise Line offers a 14-night cruise between Port Canaveral, Florida and Barcelona, Spain and a 15-night cruise round-trip from Los Angeles, California.
Any travel place can give you a very good price on a Disney cruise. Disney has made many special offers available to any one who wishes to go on a cruise with them.
If you travel in the summer, you're going to have to pay the highest price, in the high season. You only have to pay for the room though, and not how many people are in there.
The official Disney Cruise retailers can give you good and accurate prices. It is also a very reliable source, there is a gaurantee on your purchase.
The Disney Magic is one of the three largest ships of the world. It has a 9,000 square foot spa and salon and a 5,500 square foot shopping area. It also has a basketball court and jogging track and 4 swimming pools.
There's quite a few Disney Cruise Lines. You can go to Europe, Alaska and Pacific Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Canada, New England or the Transatlantic.
Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.
No, you are not allowed to smoke Medical Marijuana on the Disney cruise lines. Because medical marijuana is not legal in all states, it can not be permitted on the cruise ships. If you have a medical card then you should direct your question to a professional doctor in that field or an attorney...
Personally, I think all Disney cruises are fun because they have so many to choose from. They offer cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Canada, New England, and many other places. They even travel to Alaska!
Anytime is really the best time to purchase Disney Cruise Specials. But It is best to book as early as possible. That is when pricing is at its lowest and availability is at its highest.
Disney Cruise Lines offers a variety of cruises and destinations. I have discovered that the shortest cruise that is offered through Disney Cruise Lines is only 3 night cruise to Bahamas and Castaway Cay.
No, however Disney Cruise Line ships offer many activities designed specifically for adults. There are adult-only restaurants and spas. The ships overall are designed for family fun.
Depending on how many people are going it will cost under or at least $1,400 for 4 people to stay 4 nights on the cruise ship. If you stay longer it will of course cost more and it is cheaper in the fall as it would be in the summer when everyone wants to go on a cruise.
No. Allure of the Seas , owned and operated byRoyal Caribbean International, is the biggest cruise ship in theworld with a length of 1,187.050 ft (360 m) and a beam of 208 m.
"There are many different packages that be bought for a trip on a Disney Cruise Line. You can go on a wedding cruise, from Europe to Alaska, and through the Caribbean."
Yes! They are really cool!
I don't think so but if they don't leav from San franciso they defidiently leave some wheat in Washington state.
well ive been on it and there was a roller coaster so year bye lol
Each cruise is different, so you'll need to go to their website tofind what you want.
The Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line paradise resort.
It's a cruise ship with all kinds of activities that are availableon land.
The cruise ships have stores you can shop in.
The Walt Disney Company
Not exactly. They have different water amusements.
The Disney Cruise website has different schedules for differenttrips.
It depends on the cruise of your choice.
There are 4 cruise ships, so it depends on your personality, andthe cost of things you have to pay for separately, like spatreatments.
Depending on where the customer would wish to depart, there are several different stops on a Disney Cruise. If a customer was looking for a specific stop on a cruise, they would need to decide where they are departing from. For example, if one is departing from San Diego, Disney offeres cruises to...
Travelocity, Priceline and Dreams Unlimited Travel all provide Disney Cruise specials. However, Disney's Cruise line also maintains a direct to consumer website which provides specials and booking information as well. The benefit of booking directly with Disney is that there are no service fees...
The magical international Disney cruise line which vacations adults and children across the Earth's oceans, runs throughout the year and has a wide selection of ships to choose from.
People will want to use this because it offers a unique experience and kids will absolutely love it. There are many different places to choose from. The experience would be magical and a lot of fun.
Disney Cruise line information can be found at a local Disney-related area (there are plenty of areas around everywhere) which includes Disneyland and Disney World.
Disney cruise lines visit several locations. These include the Carribean, the Bahamas, the Californian and Alaskan coastlines and several countries in Europe.
Disney cruise deals can be found on the Disney cruise website or by calling their customer service line. They can also be found on deals and coupons websites.
Contacting you local travel agency will be your best bet in signing up for a Disney cruise. This will also ensure that you get any available coupons from your travel agency as well.
The Disney Cruises do offer a waterslide ride called the Aqua Duck Waterslide. It is a 765 foot ride with uphill acceleration. It is huge and fun to ride.
The newest is the Disney Fantasy, launched in 2012. Currently,three new ships are being built.
Don't worry, President Carter never goes on the Disney cruise ship.
One can book a Walt Disney Cruise right from the Walt Disney Cruise Line website. One can also book a Walt Disney Cruise through a travel agency such as West Jet Vacations.
Disney's Disney Cruise Line is comprised of several ships, each with her own name. The newest and largest is the Disney Dream, her sister ship being the Disney Wonder. The first was the Disney Magic, a ship fashioned after early 1920's ships.
One can find information about Disney cruise liners from the Disney Cruise Line official website. They have a find cruise service where one can type in dates and destination in order to find the right cruise for them.
To book a Disney cruise a person could go directly to the Disney cruise website and see what special offers are available. Alternatively there are various travel agent websites which could offer deals.
Answer . I don't understand your question. What about Disney Cruise commercial? Sorry.
Some of the features that are offered for Walt Disney cruise packages, is being able to meet with the characters of Disney, compete in a karaoke competition, you also have the option of going dining and much more.
The best way in order to make a reservation for a Disney Cruise would be to go to their official Disney Cruise website. There one can find a list of all available cruises and even make reservations for them.
There are multiple ways to book a Disney Crusie. One way is to visit a local travel agency in your area. However, the internet also provides fast and easy ways to book the cruise. The cruise line itself has a website that allows you to make reservations. Also, travel websites such as Travelocity...
There are a few different places on can find rates for Disney Cruise packages. Once can find packages directly through Disney at their official website. One can also check out travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity.
A good paying Disney Cruise Line job is the crew member job. This job has many benefits including health care and it pays eleven and fifty cents per hour.
The Disney Cruise departs from many different ports around the world. Some ports the cruise departs from include Miami, Vancouver, Barcelona, and Galveston.
The Disney Cruise Line offers a range of different cruises. The locations available to visit include: Alaska, California Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Panama and they also offer a Transatlantic cruise.
A cheap Disney cruise can be booked online on websites such as: Mouse Savers, WDW info, Cheap Tickets, Travelocity, Price Line, Passporter and Orbitz.
No, but they have bars and nightclubs.
Yes, the Disney Cruise line is food allergy friendly. Passengersmust submit special dietary requests at least four weeks beforesetting sail.
You need to ask about that. Their phone number is (800) 951-3532.
Disney Cruise Line was created in 1995.
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