Rhyming Words

Includes questions related to words that sound alike and are often used in verse or poetry.


Partying and celebrations
1 syllable: bane, blain, brain, Cain, cane, chain, crane, dane, drain, Dwayne, fain, feign, fein, gain, grain, jain, Jane, jayne, lain, lane, main, Maine, mane, pain, pane, plain, plane, rain, reign, rein, sane, slain, Spain, sprain, stain, strain, train, twain, vain, vane, vein, wane, Wayne 2...
Aluminum rhymes with Jerusalem.
Bro, DOOR-HINGE. Door-hinge rhymes with Orange.
Jam . slam . cam . spam . ram . yam . ma'am . lamb . bam . wham . Pam . graham . Spam . gram . dram . pram . Sam (A name) . Damn / Dam (A word used in anger / what a beaver makes) . Wham (A band) . Fam (Short for family) . Ham . Flam (Food)
There are no perfect rhymes for the word enthusiast.
Shave rhymes with forgave.
soup, group, loop, whoop
aged, caged, saged, rage,
figured, configured, reconfigured
purple nurple craze
Ballet, valet.
Some words that rhyme with bat are: . at . bat . brat . cat . chat . chitchat . drat . fat . flat . frat . gnat . hat . mat . matte . pat . plat . rat . sat . scat . slat . spat . splat . sprat . Surat . tat . that . vat
stinker, tinker, blinkered, drinker.
There are no perfect rhymes for the word secretive.
suspect/respect/perfect/carrots? xD
Hi! The best way to hold a newt is to pick him/her up gently andplacing him/her on your hand, and then place your thumb over thenewts back, so he don't jump off you're finger! I hope this helps!
meddling (as in scooby doo "you meddling kids") . fettling. nettling. unsettling. resettling. nonsettling. taletelling. words that end in ing: . 1. abandoning 2. abashing 3. abasing 4. abating 5. abbreviating 6. abdicating 7. abducting 8. abearing 9. abetting 10. abhorring 11. abiding ...
Hex:) Your welcome.
It is: Red sky at night: sailor's delight. Red sky in morning: sailor takes warning.
Notable, rhymes with portable.
slant . rant . grant . pant . chant . plant . pant rant
Rhythm (from Greek ῥυθμός, rhythmos , "any regular recurring motion, symmetry" [1] ) generally means a "movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions." [2] This general meaning of regular recurrence or pattern...
\nsoporific - causing or tending to cause sleep.
cold, bold, fold, gold, hold, polled, rolled, sold, told... just think! :)
the rhyme scheme for all of them except the last are A B C B last one rhyme scheme A B C D
path, laugh, staff, craft, bath, etc.
potion, motion, lotion, promotion, devotion
Spittle, Brittle, Vittell, Josef Fritzl. Pushing it with the last one. Im sure theres loads.
Beds of smelly animals: skunks' bunks.
spawn, lawn, john
bean sheen leen deen dean been seen teen keen feind treen clean queen mean jean peen fleen heen gleen treen neen veen xeen zeen ween lean
Spicy . Micy . Pricy abbey ably achy acme acne aerie agree airy algae alley amply amy andy angry ante anti antsy any aptly army arty ashy aurae aussie awfully baby badly baggy bailee bailey bailie baldly bali balky balmy bandy banshee banti barely barky barley batty bawdry bawdy be ...
scampered hampered tampered
Word combinations can be used in rhyme to accomodate larger words. Thus "blast the gate" and "masticate" are rhymes. Some examples of that which apply to "Superman" would be "you her fan?" or "blooper fan" or "Trooper Dan". Other times, one rhymes a long word with a short one that only matches the...
aarchy barchy carchy darchy earchy farchy garchy harchy iarchy jarchy karchy\larchy marchy narchy oarchy parchy qarchy rarchy sarchy tarchy uarchy varchy warchy xarchy yarchy zarchy
twaddle remodel cuddle
contritely ~ alright ~ sightly ~ tightly ~ nightly
Krista Trista Calista Baptista
commence dispense or last syllable only: (Ens) a bit/rather/ dense at great (/someone's) expense condense barbed wire/electric/picket/snow/ fence flense hence horse/road/make/see/sixth/ sense intense (malice) prepense overintense Peter/Peter's/ pence pretence pretense ...
Leather Heather Feather tether
Myth and Fifth effect
PARTAY ! like party but pronoucend with a a between the T and Y say PAR TAY
stodgy, context: a big fat stodgy peace of chocloate cake.
There are no perfect rhymes for the word idiosyncrasy.
Plum, dumb, crum, overcome, come, gun.
seventeenth - amaranth- nth, tenth- eighteenth, fifteenth, fourteenth, nineteenth, seventeenth, sixteenth, thirteenth, umpteenth- plinth, synth- Corinth - labyrinth - jacinth- absinthe - hyacinth - ninth- crème de menthe - month- twelvemonth- billionth, millionth, trillionth, zillionth- eleventh,...
Narrow, sparrow, A close rhyme is "Pharaoh."
Bold, Gold, Cold, Fold, Told, Old, Sold, Mould, Rolled, Smould. Bold, fold, gold, cold, mold, rolled, sold, told, trolled. Eh Bold, Cold, Fold, Gold, Mould, Sold, Told I Think That's It Anyway What Kind Of Question Is This
They all rhyme, some are just harder than others. Orange rhymes with door hinge. Purple rhymes with chirple, or even any "ul" sound. Silver can rhyme with chilver or any "ur" sound.
strugglin, huggin, meanmuggin,
As a memory aid for memorizing very long oral histories of the tribe. There was no writing, so that was important.
lube noob rube tube
Worry-free? or ecstasy (pronounced: ex-st-issy) cup of tea reminds/reminded me skinny moaning minnie hominy tea
Thracian Haitian Station Nation
rolls, moles, tolls,
Bugged, plugged,
Gate and hate, grand and hand, gear and hear (or here), hop and glop
Nowadays it seems the "modern" poets don't. But the greats of the past were not constrained by rhyming, they used it to make their points even better. Pope, Tennyson, Kipling...now they could write poetry!
The only words that rhyme with breathe are teethe, seethe and sheathe and none of them mean to breathe or are synonymous with the words 'the same'.
beheaded dreaded bedded regretted letted abetted netted whetted fretted headed
Rhymes with capes: . Apes . Apse . Crapes . Drapes . Escapes . Gapes . Grapes . Napes . Rapes . Scrapes . Shapes . Tapes . Traipse