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A mountain is a natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, often steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill. Part of the geography of every continent, they are most often found in a long group called a range Some mountain ranges are Alps, Andes, Himalayas, and Rocky Mountains, though there are dozens more.
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Indeed they are. Misconceptions rise about the same geographicfeatures. Like most names, the Rocky mountains was shortened to theRockies because people were too lazy to just say Rocky mountainsand instead said the Rockies, which leads to misconceptions likethis. Similarly, the Canadian Rockies ...
It started in Colombia 25 million years ago. it was active about 25million years - 18 million years ago.
they are big and in the way
The highest tidal wave ever recorded was 1,720 feet tall, andoccurred in 1958 in Alaska.
The correct spelling is Mount Kosciuszko . For many years it was spelt "Kosciusko", the anglicised version, but in 1997, the extra 'z' was added to reflect the proper Polish spelling.
Around 270 people climb Mt. Ararat every year.
At the summit of Mount Everest is 33% that of sea level
Mt. Si 4,167 feet Named After Josiah "Uncle Si" Merritt, ahomesteader who lived at the base in the nineteenth century, butmost famous for its starring role in the Twin Peaks creditsequence Found Just over a half hour from Seattle, theNorth Bend's massif is a hugely popular destination...
A series of mountain is known as range; for example, the IndianHimalayan Range
France, Switzerland and Austria don't have a common border, sothere is not one single mountain that runs through the three ofthem.
The Alps run through France, Switzerland and Austria.
There are mountains in the North Pole. At Longyearbyen, the maingateway to the Norwegian Arctic, there are snow covered mountains.
The Alishan Mountain Range in Taiwan lies on the Ring of Firearound the Pacific. The Ring of Fire is a ring of subduction zonessurrounding the Pacific which are commonly associated with volcanicactivity. Subduction zones are usually associated with oceaniccrust (in this case the Pacific) colliding...
it stretches from California to british coumbia
The Sherpas live there and many people go there to hike, some trying to ascend to the summit of Mount Everest.
Yes, it is. Mont Blanc is in the Alps The Alps area complex system of lower fold mountains and highcrystalline massifs.
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.
You can't make a proper cup of cup of tea on Mount Everest becausethe atmospheric pressure level is low (reducing water'sboiling-point) and it's freezing up on Everest!
smoke started to come out of Mt St Helens jade!!
Abundant natural resources such as coal and lumber, fresh water, shelter or rather the advantage of being hidden from the sight of others while being able to see them in case of an attack. Also at the top of the mountains there is a great view of miles and miles of the surrounding areas. Good for...
No. Not in North America. There are mountain ranges in NorthAmerica with other names - like the Rocky Mountains. The Pyrenees Mountain Range is in Europe.
Following are the altitudes of sichuan mountain in china. It islocated in 30^0 8'N and 102^0 56^E. This is the latitude andaltitude of sichuan mountain.
cuts by glaciers(fjords), I think. Go look up fjords.
It was named Mt. Rainier by George Vancouver for his friend, ReadAdmiral Peter Rainier. Native Americans, of course, had their ownname for it before the British arrived.
The convergent boundary, the collision of the South American plate with the Nazca plate
Saint-pierre, destroyed by the eruption of 1902
Mt McKinley is 20,320 feet and Mt Whitney is 14,495 feet inaltitude.
No, because the alps are not close enough to a plate boundary.
Some major mountain ranges around the world are the Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps, the Rockies, the Karakoram, and the Cascades.
The Scandinavian mountains, also known as the Scandes.
they are located in The Fiji Island of vEraudi Serve
Because it was important to them
The most scenic walk starts from Seathwaite. From Keswick, take the road towards Buttermere. As you go through the Honister Pass, turn left for the village of Seathwaite, then leave your car there. Head straight down the road, straight through the village, and the road narrows and becomes a path...
TG. Montgomery
No the Himalayas do not cross Mexico. The Himalayas are in India and Mexico is not.
the alps hope that helps you and if it doesn't then i am sorry have a nice day:)
The origin of the name is not really known, a name given by the Wakamba would translate as 'mountain of whiteness'
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people
It is in the Western and Northern hemisphere
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro.....I think....
People visit the Alps because it is one of the beautiful sights ofthe world. They visit it for the experience of nature, and theexperience of travel.
yes they climbed it 1 week after robs birthday.
It is the highest free standing mountain in the world
Close to the Atlantic coast [ apex ]
Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) is on the bourder of France and Italy, controversy over which it is really in. The whole northen bourder is above 2000 metres.
Yes, there are lots of hills and mountains in the Republic ofIreland.
711 was a key year in Spanish history. It was the year when Muslim(or Moorish) forces crossed the straits of Gibraltar, defeated aVisigothic army somewhere west of Gibraltar, and moved quicklynorthwards. Within a few years, they had conquered almost all ofthe Iberian Peninsula, and Christian...
Granite and the souls of natives. 'MERICA
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela
yes becouse its so high its always cold up the top
Andrew Irvine only ever went to Mount Everest the one time, that was with the 1924 British expedition. George Mallory chose Irvine as his partner for the summit attempt.
Tour around nearby cities, check out the historical sites, hike aview hills and be able to see some amazing views. Hope that helpedyou can also look at I think
climb the mountains, visit wildlife, go swimming
Mount Olympus highest peak is Mytikas rising to 2,919 meters high (9,577 feet). It is one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence. It is located in the borders of Thessaly and Macedonia , about 100 km away from Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city.
The Dragon boat festival is celebrated in honour of Wu Zixu, an advisor in ancient China. He was forced to commit suicide by the king, so he tied a rock to his feet and jumped into the river. The people revered Wu Zixu as a river god after his death.
Folded mountains form when rock layers are squeezed together and pushed upward
Heck no, the tallest dinosaur was about as as two houses stacked up.
Mount Everest can be found on the border of Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan mountains.
Because Mount Rainier is a Strato Volcano it has both quiet and explosive eruptions. Explosive(pyroclastic) flows have a high silica level. Quiet have low silica levels. The more silica the thicker the magma.
The Alaska Mountain Range and the Kaiyuh (: suckas ;)
There are several mountain rangers in Germany. Some of the mostprominent are the Alps, the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forestmountains and the Harz Mountains.
No. The Appalachian Mountains run down the eastern sea-board of the US, while the Rockey Mountains run down the country a little west of center (also called the Continental Divide).