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Volcanoes are shaped like mountains, but they eject lava due to tectonic activities beneath the Earth's surface. This can result in eruptions, depending on the intensity and the type of volcano, and cause damage.
The volcano Mount Vesuvius buried the towns of Pompeii andHerculaneum in the year 79.
has mount katmai did any damage
The volcanic mountain Haleakala is on the island of Maui, Hawaii, near 20.7° North latitude. (More precisely, it is located at 20°42′35″N, 156°15′12″W in central Maui.)
Mountain-building is a result of continental collision, sodestructive plate boundaries. One plate is destroyed by subductionbelow the other, which undergoes compression, buckling and upliftas the collision continues. This is happening at present in Asia,raising the Himalayan Mountains.
Haleakala is on the island of Maui and makes up the majority of theisland.
A volcanic crater is a generally circular shaped depression.
More particles in the air block sunlight and energy making the area around the eruption cooler. . Thermal property gives rise to more hot springs and attracts tourists. Mount Pinatubo was a major eruption several years ago. The eruption caused some of the lowest temperatures of the past several...
Predominantly due to friction. Major earthquakes (the ones you hearabout on the news) occur at collision (where two tectonic platesare smashing together) and conservative (where two plates slideside-by-side) boundaries. Rocks (which obviously make up tectonic plates) can undergo twotypes of...
Kings Mountain, the highest mountain in the US state of Utah is adormant volcano. It is often termed as a super-volcano. This isbecause millions of years ago i.e the time when Kings mountain wasan active volcano, its frequent eruptions measured more than awhopping 13,00 feet.
Vesuvius is about 1,000 feet deep and 2,000 feet across.
There is no difference. Stratovolcano is just another way of sayingcomposite. Composite volcanoes are very explosive and the mostdangorous (also very big). Example: Mount vesuvius and Mount St.Helens
to get to Pompeii, you have to go to Naples, Italy. You will alsofind mount Vesuvius, which is the volcano the destroyed Pompeii.
yes according to scientific experiences.
The mount toba supervolcano last erupted some 70,000 years ago.However it is still active as indicated by the earthquakes thatoccurred as recently as 1922. The honest answer is we don't know,but its unlikely it will erupt soon.
Typically a quiet eruption means that the magma being forced ontothe surface is low in silicates and gases. This typically meansthat it would be basaltic and slow moving like the lava flows thatcan be observed in Hawai'i. A common danger to anybody near avolcano could be poisonous gases.
Scientists do not know exactly when Yellowstone will erupt. Mostlikely in a few million years or so (estimate).
Yes. Mt Melbourne Volcano, 2733 m, stands isolated near the coast of Terra Nova Bay.
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Where oceanic lithospheric plates converge or collide, the older, denser, and colder oceanic plate will move underneath the less dense oceanic plate. This is called subduction. The subducting oceanic plate will basically flow slowly downward at an angle as a slab of rock until heating from friction...
Both are volcanoes some 70 Km (43 miles) southeast of Mexico City, close to each other. The Popocatepetl is still active, sending from time to time clouds of ash through the air.
The correct answer is Sliding Friction
A colliding plate boundary is the same thing as a convergent boundary. It occurs when two plates collide, forming mountains and volcanoes.
The world's most active volcano is the Kilauea, which is in theisland of Hawaii.
Mt. Lassen is a lava dome type of volcano. The domes of lava domevolcanoes grows from within, and commonly occur within the cratersor on the flanks of large composite volcanoes.
Not at present. There are many rumors and hoaxes going aroundsaying that the supervolcano at Yellowstone is going to erupt soon.One reason is the common misconception that Yellowstone is"overdue" for an eruption. Many will state that the volcano eruptsat regular intervals of 600,000 years and the...
A physical feature formed by volcanic eruption is an island. TheHawaiian Islands consist of a chain of such landforms.
Oceanic crusts; the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and East Pacific Rise at zones of seafloor spreading and crustal extensions.
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smoke started to come out of Mt St Helens jade!!
Cinder cone volcanoes erupt explosively, but not as violently as composite volcanoes.
saint helena in south africa aleutian island mariana island tonga in pacific ocean
Over 1000 degrees centigrade
No. The Earth won't "explode"! Volcanoes relieve pressure overrelatively small areas, but the planet's Crust and interior as awhole are basically in equilibrium.
I don't have a name for it, but I heared that volcanoe scientists put GPS receivers on volcanoes and monitor the position data by a radio link. To achieve extreme accuracy, many measurements are made over an extended period of time, and by use of the Gaussian probability the actual position thus is...
Volcanoes that are underwater, known as submarine volcanoes. Thedeepest one is the Submarine 1922 in the Celebes Sea near theSanghie Islands of Indonesia, and it is 16,000 feet (5,000 meters)below sea level.
Between the birth of Christ and 1669, Mount Etna erupted nearly 60times.
The 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius did not produce lava flows. Itwas a Plinian eruption, produducing a massive ash plume andpyroclastic flows. Pyroclastic flows are not lava flows, they aremasses of hot ash, rock, and gas that resemble avalanches. Nobodywas able to clock the speed of these flows,...
mt arenal is approximately 7,000 years old
It is not on a plate boundary but in the middle of a plate. Kilaueahas formed over a hot spot.
the active boundary between plates is a ?
It was named Mt. Rainier by George Vancouver for his friend, ReadAdmiral Peter Rainier. Native Americans, of course, had their ownname for it before the British arrived.
\nIt either comes up where two plates move apart. Or where one goes under the other, melts, then rises in a volcano. Or in a hot spot like Hawaii
Magma on the earth surface is called lava.Magma is mixture ofmolten rocks and other solid particles. The liquid underground iscalled magma and on the earth surface is called lava.
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Mount Saint Helens is part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc. Thisvolcanic arc is included in the ring of fire. All Cascade Volcanoesin the Western United States are considered part of the Ring ofFire.
Beneath the surface of the Earth's crust, or in between the techtonic plates where volcanoes are formed.
volcanoes are formed when two plates in the earths crust move and magma from deep inside move upwards.
The difference between the three volcanoes, shield, cinder cone, and composite, are shield volcanoes are built almost entirely of fuluid lava flow, cinder cone volcanoes are the most common volcanoes in Iceland, they created the island of Surtsey. Finally, composite vocanoes are formed by...
Saint-pierre, destroyed by the eruption of 1902
The Volcano is kilauea and muana in huawii is the most active volcano have more eruption.
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A combination of all three usually exist at convergent plate boundaries where oceanic plates are being subducted under continental plates.
No If they cool fast then they have bigger crystals because they have time to form bigger crystas and if they cool slow they dont have time so they have small crystals.
because it needs a lot of potential energy to build up to have a big eruptions during the past.
It is because of the steam. It will help to push it up and make italmost float to the top.
Adenosine receptors stick through the neuron membrane, so that partof them are on the inside and part is on the outside of the cell.Now, when adenosine, a natural chemical in the body, attaches tothe adenosine receptor it shifts the shape of the receptor, thisshift reaches all the way to the part on...
Formations related to subduction zones include volcanoes, trenches, and mountain ranges. Associated with subduction zones are earthquakes, faulting, and uplift.
Although the crust of the planet Earth is relatively cool (much cooler than the melting point of rock) the interior is hot, and contains a layer of liquid rock, also known as magma (over a deeper layer of liquid metal). The heat is the result of radioactive elements inside the Earth. Since the...
In 1984, Mauna Loa burned the land and houses for 48 sq. km. Itcame within four miles of Hilo.
There are tons of volcanoes that blew up!!
Only if sufficient force is applied.
The elevation is 4,500 ft, but the width is unknown. .
ARENAL VOLCANO located in Costa Rica.
I am sorry to say nobody knows because one might be made of pumice and the other granite but nobody knows not even expert geographers
A cinder cone volcano has basaltic lava.
the European plates and the Africa plate
at the present mt kilauea has been erupting along the east rift zone alomost conitinuously since 1985. In terms of how long it has been active above sea level it is harder to say. roughly 50- 100 thousand years.
The viscosity of magma or lava will determine whether or not the eruption is explosive or quiet. Higher viscosity magma can result in explosive eruptions. Lower viscosity magmas tend to flow more freely.
Because if it's volcanic origins
No. they are all extinct. The extinct volcanoes are: Ostrzyca,Grodczyn, and Wilcza Góra.
There is a subduction zone under Krakatoa where the Indian Oceanseafloor is being pushed eastwards under Indonesia. (The Australianplate is moving under the Eurasian plate here.) When the seaflooris pushed into the earth it melts due to increases in pressure andtemperature. The hot, melted seafloor...
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a lot of destruction. i mean, c'mon! it burns anything/one that stands in its way. It's only enemy is water or snow or something cold.
\n. \n \n\n \n \n \n\n \n \n \n\n \n \n . . A VOLCANO WITH LAYERS OF DUST,ASH,ROCK,AND LAVA. .
Its a science that is being worked on. Once an earthquake hashappened, then regional centers can predict if there are likely tobe more or not, but its not a perfect science. How they do whatthey do is they have remote sensors that they deploy to regionswhere there are known faults. Those who live in...
regular lava, du (probably low silica actually)
By using a tiltmeter to check the ground swelling
Because Mount Rainier is a Strato Volcano it has both quiet and explosive eruptions. Explosive(pyroclastic) flows have a high silica level. Quiet have low silica levels. The more silica the thicker the magma.
Magma that hardens after being forced into a crack across rock is called a dike.
No mount Stromnoli is no t on a hot spot becase it is not the newest volcano and it is on its own island call Stromboli and it shoots our pasta and then later it shoots out the sasce.
Cinder cone volcanoes are the most common type of volcanoes. They are characterized by steeply angled sides and a conical shape. They are relatively small in size and can range from tens to hundreds of meters in height. They are often found along the flanks of larger, more mountain sized volcanoes. ...
Both, the can scrape past eachother or one can go under the other.