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Atmospheric science is the study of the atmosphere, its processes, and the interaction of the atmosphere with other systems, including the effects other systems have on the atmosphere and visa versa. Fields in Atmospheric Sciences include Meteorology, Climatology, and Aeronomy. Ask and answer questions about Atmospheric Sciences in this category.
Puerto Lopez de Micay, a small town near the coastline of westernColombia, may be a new contender for the wettest inhabited place inthe world.. Between April 1960 and February 2012, an average annual rainfallof just over 507 inches has been recorded at the weatherobservation station here, including...
The air you breathe is much lower than the ionosphere. Theionosphere is the outer layer of atmosphere.
That's a very broad description. Some places have a lot of ice andsnow in winter, others have it most or all of the time. Nothingwill grow under permanent ice and snow. In the tundra, where onlythe top couple of inches of soil thaws in the brief summer, youtend to get only simple mosses. In places...
Countries that lie near the equator, the imaginary line dividing the northern and southern hemisphere of the globe. For example, Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia etc. People in these countries do not experience the four seasons as compared to residents in temperate regions.
Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.
This question alludes to a common misconception. Warm and cold airdo not have magical properties that let on "hold" more water vaporthan the other. The answer lies in the dew point temperature (DPT).At 90 degrees a parcel of air can have a DPT of 90 degrees thusallowing a greater volume of water...
It gets cold when the sun is far away from our location like it is during the US winters due to the tilt of the earth.
The mail will run when it snows unless there is so much snow that roads are completely blocked and impassable.
Snow storms tend to develop in regions where air masses clash, and this battle zone has shifted south lately as a result of an intrusion of very cold Arctic Air. El Nino is providing additional energy to the subtropical jet stream, and that energy is able to fuel storms across the southern part of...
It is a cirrus cloud.
low clouds = stratus middle clouds = altostratus high clouds = cirrus vertical development clouds = cumulus
weather . The state of the atmosphere at a given time and place,with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, windvelocity, and barometric pressure. a. Adverse or destructiveatmospheric conditions, such as high winds or heavy rain:encountered weather five miles out to sea.
High Temp:. 26.1°F *. Low Temp:. 10°F. Average Temp:. 16.9°F. ( 24 ). Dewpoint:. 4.4°F. ( 24 ). Sea Level Pressure:. 1031mb. ( 24 ). Station Pressure:. 997.3mb. ( 24 ). Visibility:. 14.8miles. ( 24 ). Wind Speed:. 4.5knots. ( 24 ). Max Wind Speed:. 11.1knots. Max Wind Gust:. n/a....
There is technically not a 'Rainy Season' for Alaska, as Alaska'sSummer's are only slightly rainier than the rest of the US. May isrelatively dry, with only a 25% chance of rain, but as the Summerprogresses, the likelihood of rain increases, as in Autumn, theaverage chance of rain on any given day...
Climate change would be my educated guess. The rays that hit the Earth used to be able to get out of the atmosphere. Now with all the air pollution the heat rays are being locked under the atmosphere, basically where us humans are located. In result the earth is warming up. Patagonia, Canada and...
Why not? Just make sure they're warm and keep an eye on them, as always.
The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.
Definitely not under a tree, lamppost, or power lines. If you arestuck outdoors, a car is one of the safest places to be. Because ofthe rubber tires, you can't be struck as long as you are inside it.Indoors, stay away from the windows in case a tree is struck andfalls onto your house.
The rotation causes the days, 24 hour periodsof light and dark based on your location on the Earth. The rotationis important because without rotation of the earth, we would not aseasily be able to tell, or keep track of time. What we consider tobe the passage of time- 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, is all...
California,Australia,Asia,Latin America and north america
!. You could have a bad heater core. 2. You could have a blown fuse. 3. Your thermostat could be bad. 4. Your air conditioning could be on.
About 90'' of potatoes on the coastal regions.
Grandeur happenings hath become in thy absence. People now come outof the caves and use this invention (that Al Gore tries to takecredit for), called the internet. Go to this thing called "Google."If you don't know what "Google" is, just Google it. Type inweather. Click on a weather site. Type...
In the outback, because it's desert, but it's pretty cold at night.Not all parts are 'hot'. Answer Actually, deserts aren't cold at night in summer (and in winterthey can be quite cool in daytime). Australia is generally hot incomparison to other countries because of the huge landmass,...
well i live in ramallah,palistine the weather here is not really that cold its like in the 70s or high 60s there might be a slight chane of snow in the begging of february
They do not. Glacierelectric is simply the name of a company.
Humans burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) release carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. This is causing global warming. Any warming of the earth will lead to changes in climate. Scientists predict this will mean that storms, floods, droughts and other weather events will happen...
more likely during the spring or summer
Snow is likely in many parts of the UK during the first few days in February. The Met Office predicts a high chance of more snow mainly in the northeast during the latter part of February.
Salt doesn't melt snow, it just lowers the melting point so the sun or another source of heat can raise the snows temperature enough to melt.
The water is a better ground than land, so it finds the water near the islands
Atlanta in May has the most rainfall in Georgia.
I had to get my old lab book out to answer this. An enthalpy of fusion problem. You have 1 gram/ml density of water ( I know, ice is less dense, but I am too lazy to look it up ) so you have 355 grams of water. Since you are in grams and want grams; 334 Joules per gram is Heat of fusion for water....
Orography is mountainous terrain. Orographic precipitation is precipitation formed when air is forced to rise over mountains or at least large hills.
some lidgit scienist who iscovered that salt lowers the meltingpoint of ice and decided to sprkle it on roads
Here are the ones that I can find records for: . 1972-1973 . 1982-1983 . 1986-1987 . 1991-1992 . 1994-1995 . 1997-1998 . 2002-2003 . 2004-2005 . 2009-2010
No one really invented it. For many years, salt has been known tolower the freezing point of water. This happens when the salt'sions dissociate in water. The act of lowering a freezing point (orraising a boiling point) is called water's colligative property.Generally speaking, the more ions in...
No, the only thing that will happen is the ice/snow beginning tomelt.
Condensation of water vapour.
The pasque flower blooms in the spring and the summer.
The distance between Houston, Texas, Usa and Tampa, Florida, Usa isapproximately 1,266 km or 787 mi. To reach Houston, Texas in this distance one would set out fromTampa, Florida bearing 283.2° or WNW and follow the great circlesarc to approach Houston, Texas bearing 277° or W . Both have a...
Kinetic energy is energy produced by motion/activity. Molecules become more active as they heat up. Therefore, molecules in a gaseous state would have the greatest kinetic energy.
The top of the atmosphere is not well defined. Rather, the gases(primarily nitrogen and oxygen) comprising the atmosphere graduallythin the higher one goes. Air pressure is 100 kPa at sea level(14.7 psi) and falls to 50 kPa (7.25 psi) about a mile above sealevel. Half the weight of the atmosphere is...
Its caused by the inclination of the Earth's axis of rotation tothe plane of its orbit round the sun. Thus the longest daylighttime is on the 21 of June and it slowly decreases until it is theshortest on the 21st of Decemberr and then it starts to increaseagain.
They face the direction in which the cold air is advancing.
pitch is a measure of the sound frequency. So high pitch equals high frequency and short wavelengths.
Live Oak Springs, CA is at an elevation of 3,891 feet. It's not uncommon for snowfall in Eastern San Diego County to go below the 3500' level. So yes, it snows in Live Oak Springs.
A "Blue Moon" hence the phrase: "once in a blue moon" meaning very seldom.
The lowest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was -81 degrees. I think normal temperatures in interior Antarctica would be about -50.
Seasons effect different things, such as Spring is when flowers blossum from sunshine; winter is a cold season, summer is a hot season and Autumn is when the trees dispose of their leaves.
The average precipitation per month in Brazil is 1761 mm
You have to get special access to the scripts from the creators/company. They do not just put movie scripts out into the public for multiple reasons. Your best bet but highly unlikely way is to contact the company that made the film. You need to state WHY you would like the script and HOW you will...
The laws of thermodynamics tell us to expect observable changeswhen we perturb (change) the inputs or conditions of theenvironment in this case, the earth. What we put into the air, howwe change the surface through logging and agriculture, and what wedump into the ocean can all wind up altering the...
weather in Brooksville . What was the weather on January nineteenth 2007. in Brooksville, Florida?. weather in Brooksville . What was the weather on January nineteenth 2007. in Brooksville, Florida?
The answer is convection currents: the upward movement of warm air and the downward movement of cool air.
This is not true. First of all, cold is relative. What may be very cold to you may not be very cold to me. Second, the freezing temperature of water is 32F, a very common temperature in areas where it snows. However, the temperature can be 0F for days and days and not snow or it might snow on a day...
It depends upon the venting that is used, look for your vent pipeson the roof and see if any are close to open windows. If you find aparticularly close vent pipe (and you home has several vent pipes)you can add a "Studor Vent" to the top of the vent. A Studor ventis the equivalent to a one-way air...
Light, fluffy snow may way about 7 pounds per cubic foot. Averagesnow may way about 15 cubic foot. Drifted compact snow may way 20pounds or more.
Nope, the other way around. More tea, Jeffery ol' bean?
Trees stop the wind carrying rainy cloudy. where that wind stopped, it rains. so cutting trees or deforestation is to prevent rain in your region.
All plant life will cease to exist because they thrive on carbon dioxide. However, if the atomosphere only consist of oxygen than no animals exist because when they breath the exhale carbon dioxide. So basically there is no life. Plus pure oxygen is highly flammable so the first metorite to come...
Carbon is neither. It's a GAS.
1.blowing of a ballon 2.melting of wax 3.streching of rubber band 4.folding of paper 5.making a cloth wet 6.writing on black board 7.heating an iron road 8.evaporation 9dissolving salt in water 10.making models with dough
What is the elements of weathering
That would either be the North Pole or South Pole, depending onwhat season/time of year it is.
It depends on the context. . For pneumatic systems, Pounds per square in (PSI) or Bars (orofficially, MegaPascals, MPa), where 1 Bar is "Standard"atmospheric pressure at mean sea-level at 20ºC. . For weather, milliBars (mBar), because weather systems arevariations of no more than a few tens of...
The two factors influence one another since air is the keyrelationship between them: the rate of motion of air and the degreeof hotness or coldness of a substance.
Possibly. If they consider it annoying, it could be a nuisance (minor crime); if the snow results in any damages, then it is vandalism.
Since lightning is an electrical current, normally in athunderstorm, little pieces of ice way up in the cloud collidetogether fast and hard, making an electrical charge, which theneventually makes an electrical current that is known as lightning.
Barometer: A gauge measure air pressure. Hygrometer: Any of various instruments for measuring the absolute or relative amount of moisture in the air Anemoeter: a gauge for determining the force or speed of the wind, and sometimes its direction; wind gauge. There is also the stormglass, a...
it can damage the eyes
Upslope fog forms when air moves gently up in elevation enough forthe layer to reach saturation.